Lobbyist Sex

When I think about the tawdry fall of Republican state Assemblyman Michael Duvall after he was caught on tape boasting about an extramarital affair with a lobbyist, I ponder the lofty issue of how much are lobbyists influencing politics with their bodies.

I’ve noticed that a disproportionate number of lobbyists are attractive young women. I wonder if they are primarily hired for their rhetorical skills or do they employ more visceral methods to get their points across?

I fear that no legislation can cure this problem.

How much do you think lobbyists are affecting the body politic with their tawdry ways? How much is the governance of our great country being adversely affected by lobbyists lobbying with their bodies? And what can we do about this?

Should we ban lobbyists from wearing eye-patch underwear?

I am a very strong man — a moral leader! — but if I were confronted with a tiny piece of cloth strategically located and just hanging on by three slender strings, I shudder to think of the great danger my soul would be in.

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