What Is Eye-Patch Underwear?

Apparently it helped cause the moral breakdown of a conservative Republican state assemblyman.

One source says: "It is underwear made from an eyepatch. It is typically worn with a parrot on the shoulder and a prosthetic leg."

Comte says: "I’m guessing it refers to mini thong-type panties that have about the same amount of coverage area as a typical pirate’s eye patch."

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Charles Dore: looks good on her, but looks better on YOU!

Minne posts: "Think of a patch of fabric, about 2" triangle, with three strings on it."

Whatever eye-patch underwear is, I think it’s disgusting and I hope the RCC bans it. There’s no place in Orthodox Judaism — or any God-fearing home — for eye-patch underwear.

Diogenes writes: "I think it’s underwear that is so tiny that you lift your eyepatch to stare at it with BOTH eyes."

Donald writes: "This is merely the logical result of years of unhealthy sexual self-repression, as aging, holier-than-thou Republicans hit mid-life and suddenly realize what they’ve been missing, tap into their inner teenaged slutpuppy, and seek to make up for lost time by humping anything that moves."

A source says: "A string bikini where there is only a little patch of fabric to cover up the actual lips of the…"

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