Did Assange Say Seth Rich Was Killed For Leaking To Wikileaks?

Steve Sailer writes: Did Assange really say that? Or was he saying that actual or potential sources are made antsy by Seth Rich’s murder? Assange might have been hinting that. Or he might have been saying that his actual and potential sources have been made antsy by Seth Rich’s unsolved murder.


* Yeah, but no amount of pay compensates for rolling the dice on having the federal government come after you with unlimited resources in order to appease its coalition of the fringes because you were impertinent enough to try saving your life.

The Border Patrol is shedding something like 25-50 agents a week and is down 3K agents and some stations are down 50% in manpower terms. This in spite of being a federal job where your line agent (needing only a high school diploma) makes near 100K -straight pay- and can retire after 20-25 years with a nice bit of money. All well and good until you’re facing federal civil rights violations and murder 2 when you shot a dope mule who tried to bean you with a softball sized rock because some AUSA wants to make a name for herself. Look at how Ramos and Compion got railroaded by Bush appointee Johnny Sutton in the name of “justice”.

There’s a lot of blithe assumptions here that getting hired at a PD/FD, especially a desirable one, is just a matter of putting in your application and being able to do a lot of pull ups. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get an interview as a California fire fighter, or a Malibu County Sheriff’s Deputy? I’m not even talking hired, but just to get a call back to interview? You better know someone or have an amazing resume or both, and impress the interview board when you show up. Assuming you pass the polygraph and the exam, there’s still an academy to go through, and then a probationary period so they can confirm you’re not a fuck up.

In other words, a lot of law enforcement knows the score, and are realizing that things are only going to get worst under Hillary.

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