Jews, Human Biodiversity and Science

Steve Sailer is right. Which group sets the Overton Window in America and around the West? Elites with high IQs. Who determines what is acceptable to discuss publicly? Media and academic elites, which are disproportionately Jewish.

Do Jews have a rational reason to fear being seen as different, as aliens? Of course. Such noticing is dangerous for minorities.

The more acceptable it is to notice patterns, to note how people are different, the more gentiles will see Jews as different and that is likely to be uncomfortable for Jews. It’s always easier to fit in with the crowd. Who wants to be pointed out?

Among traditional Jews, of course, in private, there’s no doubting that Jews tend to be smarter than goyim. There’s Yiddish Kup and Goyisha Kup. “That’s goyish” is never a compliment. I asked a friend who works for a billionaire if his boss is Jewish. “What do you think?” he replied.

Unless you subscribe to faith, the world is composed of various forms of life struggling for survival and often having to fight each other to the death for scarce resources such as land, food and water. Anything that gives your group an edge is this struggle is likely to be used. If Jews see reality more clearly than the goyim about group differences (taken for granted by most Jews), they have an edge.

Many Jews I know, particularly the smarter and more affluent ones, have back-up plans if America goes south. They have taken out citizenship in other countries and they’re ready to move (Israel etc).

I never thought America would collapse until I converted to Judaism in 1993 and I started seeing the world differently. I started thinking about the Holocaust and could it happen here and Israel has to be strong and Jews have to be ready to go at any time and the world hates us and will kill us if we’re not smarter and fitter… I took on a tribal outlook.

Jewish author Neil Strauss wrote the book, “Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life.”

A Jewish friend recently made $5k in a business deal and decided to invest it in ammunition for when the s*** hits the fan. In that dystopian future, bullets will be worth more than their weight in gold. He’s ready to leave for Israel at any time.

Hating the other is normal, natural and to some extent healthy. The world naturally divides into the friend/enemy distinction. Nature has color-coded people so that we can tell at a glance with reasonable accuracy who’s a friend and who’s an enemy.

The stronger your in-group identity, such as Jewish or black or Muslim, the more likely you are to fear and hate outsiders. Social Identity Theory applies equally to Jews and to non-Jews.

Everyone I know back home in Australia is a WASP and none would consider it moral to favor your own kind before others (yet they would all favor their own children before other children).

It took me a long time into my conversion to Judaism to take seriously the constant question — “But is it good for the Jews?”

Steve Sailer writes: In the mid-1990s in the wake of the huge brouhaha over the The Bell Curve (such as the rebellion of the staff of The New Republic against its editor Andrew Sullivan for daring to publish an excerpt), it finally dawned on me what was actually going on.

The rage by intellectuals against scientific discussion of black-white IQ differences was largely an “outpost defense” of what intellectuals really cared about, which was preventing discussion of gentile-Jewish IQ differences.
It’s like how the U.S. military in 19th Century California installed big coastal defense cannons in the Presidio at the Golden Gate, but not because these rocky headlands were all that valuable unto themselves. Instead the strategy was that if the U.S. Army’s coastal guns could keep the Royal Navy, the French, the Russians, the Japanese or whomever from sailing past the chokepoint of the Golden Gate, the Americans wouldn’t ever have to fight over what was really valuable: the magnificent watershed of the San Francisco Bay.

This is the inverse of what SlateStarCodex calls the motte-and-bailey strategy: instead of withdrawing from the economically valuable land to a fortress in the middle and let your enemies ravage your farms, you put the forts out on the edge at strategic chokepoints. When it works, it works spectacularly well: after 168 years of unchallenged defense and, thus, peace, the San Francisco Bay Area may be the richest place on Earth.

Similarly, if nobody is ever allowed to consider that average IQ differences between blacks and whites explained quite a lot about modern America, then it is less likely that an ensuing discussion would ever occur about average IQ differences between gentiles and Jews.

This suggests that the Jewish intellectuals so enraged by public discussion of IQ differences were, deep down inside, less skeptics of IQ science than the truest of the true believers. They assumed that IQ is so overwhelmingly important that if the gentile masses ever were allowed to learn the truth — that Jews tend to be smarter — the moronic peasants would come for this endangered minority with their torches and pitchforks.
…I like having lots of different kinds of human beings to notice.

If, say, Samoans are so heavily represented in the NFL despite their tiny numbers because they tend to be remarkably strong, that’s a good thing. Similarly, if Jews make up a high fraction of theoretical physicists because they tend to be smart, that’s also a good thing.

Thus, the human biodiversity approach offers the one moral perspective that’s not inherently anti-science.


* In the same way, all of Political Correctness is built around what might be called the question of Jews.

Imagine a series of concentric circles. “Transgender-whatever” is the defensive ring around “Islamophobia”, Islamophobia is the defensive ring around “homophobia”, homophobia is the defensive ring around “sexism”, sexism is the defensive ring around “racism”, “racism” is the defensive ring around HBD, and “HBD” is the defensive ring around Jews.

This is why “antisemitism” is the highest moral crime, higher than all the rest, because the purpose of Political Correctness is to control speech, and the purpose of speech control is to limit discourse about Jews.

I’m not actually convinced about the “Jews control the world” bit, but if you look at the origins and development of the ideology that became Political Correctness you will find it that it came overwhelmingly from Jews concerned with eradicating antisemitism.

* The irony is that (except for the Orthodox) the Ashkenazi breeding experiment is rapidly coming to an end. In Israel they are mixing with Sephardim and in the US with non-Jews. Now in the US, it’s true that they are not mixing with the riff-raff but with other successful upper middle class people of comparable IQ, but (due to regression toward the mean of the parent population) it’s not going to be quite the same. Maybe Ivanka’s kids will take after their granddad or maybe after his alcoholic brother (one of the secrets of Jewish success is that, while under no religious restriction, they tend not to have a weakness for the bottle) As with species, once the Ashkenazi Jew is extinct, there will be no way to unscramble the omelet.

Steve’s thesis sounds a little too triple bank-shotish for my taste. Occam’s Razor say is that the real reason is that Jews have bought into the “all men are created equal” thing a little too literally – they didn’t think it up. Now, that’s not what Jefferson really meant (to say the least) but its not unusual for immigrants to miss out on the some of the subtleties of their new language or culture. A lot of modern “Jewish” thinking is not very “Jewish” – people who actually practice Judaism (Orthodox Jews) often hold views 180 degrees opposite from “liberal” Jewish/Democrat positions.

* The important question when it comes to Jews isn’t about differences in intelligence – it’s the intellectual / behavioral differences other than just raw brainpower.

As an analogy, if you ignored the 15 point IQ gap the remaining cognitive differences between black people and white people are still huge – and probably more important than the difference in IQ.

* If the goyim would just stop with the pogroms and inquisitions and lynchings and Klan murders and ‘alt-’right echoing and raging antisemitism, maybe the Jews wouldn’t need to be so worried. It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

The world has never been kind to intelligent, creative, sensitive minorities. It’s only natural to take basic precautions.

Of course, ill considered precautions can be ruinous. Just look at Europe where multicultural anti-racism has imported forty million of the most unassimilable anti-Semitic population in the world and the remaining Jews are emigrating at rates not seen since the last batch of Nazi goyim was operating openly in the 1930s.

* Do you really think it is “cool” that both of our major political parties are controlled by the Jews? Do you also think it is “cool” that most of the enemies of Israel are also our enemies even though their ability to harm us is relatively limited? Do you also find it “cool” that most Jews apparently want to use Hispanic immigrants to turn the United States into Northern Mexico? You and I must have very different understandings of the word “cool.”

* Assuming Mr. Sailer’s theory is correct, then our country -and many others in the West- are being subjected (among other atrocities) to irreparable damage by a deluge of largely low-IQ Third Worlders because a cadre of “Jewish intellectuals” suffer from some unfounded paranoia about Gentiles with “torches and pitchforks” coming for them in the night. Have these “intellectuals” ever contemplated what kind of backlash might potentially develop if/when irrefutable DNA evidence showing the reality of biologically-based group differences in IQ is revealed, and as an outgrowth, the Gentile masses then realize the disproportionate role Jews played in suppressing this reality to the immense detriment of the West?

* The goyim largely *have* stopped with that, at least if you count Christians. Trump raises a white nationalist rebellion and all we get are nasty comments on Twitter. Marine LePen’s actually courting Jewish votes. Putin is more interested in going after non-Orthodox Christians than Jews. Sure, there’s the )))alt-right(((, but they don’t seem all that powerful.

I think this all made sense in 1945 but now it has become ridiculous. Cruz is antisemitic for alleging Trump has ‘New York values’, and Trump’s not even Jewish?

I have to say I do not entirely buy Steve’s triple-bankshot theory. The goyim probably figured out the IQ differential somewhere around Nobel Prize #38. I am not in Steven Jay Gould’s head but I have poked and prodded the odd evolutionary biology grad student, and they all knew about this stuff but were keeping it quiet for fear of (a) getting themselves in trouble and (b) encouraging white-black racism.

* I (non-Jew) am not threatened by the mere fact that an individual or group may be smarter than me. Nor if they are richer that me. Being smart and having money are good things. The rub is when the “smart” ones use their intelligence in sociopathic ways which harm me or my people. Or when rich individuals use their money to try to infringe on my natural rights.

What your cited ‘enraged’ Jews are actually concerned about is non-Jews noticing that they are being harmed by policies/actions being pushed, disproportionately, by shrewd activist Jews.

There are limits to chutzpah, though. Spergy types can get addicted like a gambler: “I told them what’s what, shamed them for being intolerant, and they folded! Hah! Next time I’ll be twice as insistent!” Of course, from time to time the constant chutzpah becomes unbearable to the goyish noticers and things may get holocausty.

I think your blog does a good service spreading the word to reasonable, non-spergy Jews that hey, isn’t it better if we all get along? Please don’t push stuff that makes things “disruptive.”

* Just went to West Hunter tonight and there is a audio interview with Greg Cochran by James Miller, who I guess is an economics professor at Smith College. Anyway, during the last quarter or so of the interview Greg mentions that Pinker told him that if he tried to test the Ashkenazi Jewish theory at Harvard he would loss his job and Greg guesses that that is true throughout academia, even in Israel since Ashkenazi Jews are no longer a majority there.

* But the existence of the Flynn Effect suggests that changes in the environment over time seem to have some effect on the more technical types of IQ subtests.

Mostly, the whole world has been getting better at IQ tests at about the same rate. But, we’re finally starting to see some Gap Closing: for example, Lynn recently co-authored a paper showing Saudi Arabia isn’t as far behind in IQ as they used to be.

My guess is that the whole world is getting more information intensive due to Moore’s Law.

* I just got back from dinner in LA with a couple who have talked recently about having those bags ready. A friend’s cousins two miles away actually had bags ready and talked about Australia as their destination of necessity.

* So despite the fact that the Left makes fun of “slippery slope” arguments of the non-Left, they actually believe in it wholeheartedly.

“Oh please, don’t ask don’t tell won’t lead to ‘gay marriage’ and ‘gay adoption.’”

“Oh please, gay marriage won’t lead to transsexual ‘rights’.”

“Oh please, transsexual rights won’t lead to ‘normalization of pedophilia.’”

And, of course:

“Oh, please, amnesty won’t lead to ‘replacing your race with another.’”

* The argumentative style of certain Jewish intellectuals brings to mind Waugh’s Lord Brideshead:

“D’you know, Bridey. If ever I thought about becoming a Catholic, I’d only have to talk to you for five minutes to be cured. You manage to reduce what seem quite sensible propositions to stark nonsense.”

Just as Bridey’s convoluted apologetics on behalf of Catholicism made reasonable ideas seem idiotic, public intellectuals like Simon Schama and Cass Sunstein somehow manage to accidentally vindicate Kevin MacDonald in the course of their absurd apologias for liberal Jewish paranoia. Fortunately, I have enough Jewish friends to know that this awkward nonsense is confined to a tiny segment of the chattering classes, but if a man’s only exposure to the Jews was through such self-appointed defenders, it could almost make an Anti-Semite out of him.

* I would say that while maybe 2/3 of Jews are liberal, almost every Jewish organization is 100% hard left on subjects like abortion and immigration. My sister had to give up on the National Council for Jewish Women because she said its agenda was nothing but the Democratic Party platform and it had nothing to do with Judaism or even being Jewish. From the looks of these organizations one would not say Jews are intelligent, one would say they are suicidal.

* Jews are unique in that nobody is asking if transsexual three way marriage is good for the Irish.

* I actually heard an exemplar of this back when WLS-AM hosted Roe Conn. He was talking about Black people problems when a white (apparently) female teacher called in and started talking about their low IQs in school. Conn said: “Don’t go there.” In other words, the man who jestfully talks about having a “Black card” knew the Truth(tm) but moved immediately to shut down the conversation.

* I’m having trouble trying to re-think teenaged, bar-mitzvahed Robert Zimmerman in Hibbing Minnesota as having conceived a lifepath of deep-cover pro-civil-rights disinformation to convince the wretched goyim they’re no better than the shvartza, quickly dumping shiksa Baez to marry Shirley Noznisky… Dylan was always a chameleon opportunist though, so maybe. Do Jews have a word for this game, walking a tightrope of false gentility, setting yourself up as an inspiring but secretly self-destructive role-model?

* Bob Dylan was known for musical ability (if not voice), not common sense. I think he just had the same wooly-headedness as lots of artists. They’re generally not practical people.

* Ready for what? … A Trump presidency? He’s going to round all the Jews up in the railroad stations for transport to the camps–including his grandchildren?

I’ll be near the head of the line, pointing out the damage to Western civilization from Jewish political ideologies, including the stuff that’s so over the top it’s shooting themselves in the foot–like pushing multiculturalism and “tolerance” all the way to “let’s welcome muslims”.

* You have to really hate the dominant society to risk your own safety in order to harm it. It’s on par with blacks who support demographic change, as long as it harms whites, while completely ignoring the fact that they cutting their own noses off.

* Jews are a big factor in the political correctness orthodoxy but they wouldn’t have been able to get very far without their partners in crime: Post-Millennial Puritan type Northwest Europeans. Jewish “zionism for me but cosmopolitanism for thee” agitation wouldn’t take them very far in, say, China or South Korea, let alone India or Iran. They require collaborators among the host population.

* White people are absolutely more ethical. Even it’s because we’re more pussy and more afraid of confrontation, we treat people fairly. I don’t have any stats to back that up, only public school anecdotes. Every other ethnicity seems OK with standing on someone else’s shoulders to reach a little higher, and when it comes down to it it isn’t their problem. Look at white religion. Original sin, turn the other cheek, the meek shall inherent the earth, confession, self flagellation. We care about corruption and nepotism, those things are shameful. It’s considered shameful to live in the family home and take up the family business, that is different than any other culture.

* There are a lot of smart gentiles out there. But Northern Europeans might not skew toward high verbal intelligence as heavily as Jews do.

The fact that Jews are concentrated in the most important cities (New York, Los Angeles) has a lot to do with it, as well. Ethnic networking is a lot more effective when a) you’re all in the same place and b) that place is where the movers and shakers are.

As Steve has mentioned in the past, there’s an awful lot of untapped white gentile talent in the flyover states.

* So, why such sensitivity about black IQ?

1. Blacks are very vocal, and TNR got scared.

2. Jews rely on ‘white guilt’ to control white gentile politics, and it works best if ALL BLACK PROBLEMS are traced back to slavery and Jim Crow, not to biology. If bio-diversity becomes accepted, then ‘white guilt’ will diminish because whites can say black failure is due to genetics, not white ‘sins’.

3. The cult of Martin L King and other black-philia make it bad form to speak of any black inferiority. Reverence is called for. So, Liberals act like Obama is the smartest person in the room. Conservatives act like Thomas Sowell is the smartest man that ever lived.

4. Liberal condescension and affirmative action mentality call for make-believe about black genius. Mary Lefkowicz wrote in NOT OUT OF AFRICA that many of her peers know Afrocentrism is bunk but pretend otherwise because they feel blacks need anything(even myths) to boost their self-esteem.

* The Jews are supposed to be the smartest group on the average. And yet, you picture them as reacting to the old stereotype of advancing their own survival as a group by discouraging the group self-consciousness of other white groups.

Part of discouraging the self-consciousness of other white groups is to promote the group benefits of Muslims, including the promotion of open immigration by Muslims. Islam has a built-in anti-Semitism. Muslim immigrants almost universally make it physically dangerous for Jews to be present. Jews have formal second-class citizenship and ritualized humiliation in even the most stable Muslim countries.

So, the contradiction is, the “smart” Jews are either ignoring the very obvious fact that a Muslim presence is antithetical to Jewish well-being, or else the Jews are acting against their own interests. You can use Steve’s contention that Jews are simply reacting to their gut horror left over from World War II. But, if the Jews are reacting to an obsolete and obviously untrue assumption, then they’re not so smart, are they?

The fact is, at worst, Jews are completely, 100% safe in the US as presently constituted. The Jewish religion and Israel in particular is revered by fundamentalist Christians. So, for Jews to promote Black Lives Matter and open Muslim immigration and interfaith with Muslims is the most blatant form of altruism (denial of one’s own legitimate self-interest).

You simply cannot support the dual propositions that Jews are smarter than the average, and that they are acting out of self-interest. At present, these propositions are contradictory.

* We’re told that opening America’s borders just makes us stronger. We’re told there is no “race.” We’re told that all people are equal and really the same. We’re told that mass immigration from peoples of alien cultures with alien values will not change our culture or political system one iota. For example, importing thousands of Somalis into Minnesota won’t change a thing about those communities, except improve them.

Hence, there is no reason mass non-Jewish immigration would change anything in Israel. To say otherwise is to reveal oneself as a bigot.

This is why I dislike Jewish actions. They advocate tirelessly in to import third worlders into white nations, yet when it comes to their own nation suddenly race/ethnicity *does* matter.

The conclusion is inescapable to me: Jews pursue a strategy of ethnocentrism for themselves whilst undermining ethnocentrism for other nations/groups. All while denying they are ethnocentric in their host nations. A brilliant strategy, for them.

* Yes, on the one hand Muslim immigration is against Jewish interests. Muslims tend to be intensely anti-Jew. It would not be smart to import people who are likely to harm you.

On the other hand, if you buy the premise that a primary motivation of Jews is not to be “othered” as an alien nation in their host countries (which I do) then the apparent contradiction can be reconciled as a choice between the lesser of two evils.

A multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and divided society is far less likely unanimously to finger Jews as the “other” (see Germany 1930s). Hence, Jews are “safer” in such a society.

It’s hard to exclude one ethnicity without the logic being extended to other ethnicities/racial groups. Hence, gotta accept Muslim immigration as part of the multicult package that, in the big picture, “makes Jews safer.”

If the above is true, Jewish advocacy for Muslim immigration is quite smart indeed. A shrewd way to advance Jewish interests, even if there is a bit of collateral damage.

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