What’s Hillary Clinton’s Record?

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Here’s a small sample of her demonstrated corruption and incompetence:

(1) Failed DC bar exam;
(2) Expelled from Watergate investigation staff for lying and other unethical behavior;
(3) Involved in a series of financial scandals as Arkansas’s first “lady”;
(4) Both initiated and botched the Whitewater coverup;
(5) While Bill was governor of Arkansas he and Hillary made an under-the-table profit selling HIV tainted blood from Arkanasas prisons to Canada. Estimates of the AIDS deaths caused by this homicidal scam range from 4,000 to 10,000. Even for the Clintons this is so appalling – and the MSM coverup so thorough – that I will provide a link for the lazy: https://www.prisonlegalnews.org/news/1999/may/15/tainted-plasma-traced-to-arkansas-prison-bill-clintons-blood-trails/
(6) Put in charge of crafting the Clinton health insurance policy initiative then failed in a disastrous way that put off the possibilities of another Democrat bill for twenty years;
(7) Partnered with Bill in admitting Poland to NATO, starting a new round of unnecessary hostilities with Russia. [George Kennon describes this as one of the greatest diplomatic blunders of the 20th century.];
(8) Was losing NY senate election until Bill stepped in;
(9) Lost a “sure thing” presidential presidential nomination to the relatively unknown Obama;
(10) When Hillary Rodham Clinton became Secretary of State one of her legal obligations was to appoint an Inspector General for the State Department. She never did and for her entire term in office the State Department lacked an IG. This was a gross and utterly unprecedented violation of federal law. It strongly suggests that Clinton was planning illegal conduct in office before she even took her oath and was preparing mechanisms to enable her planned criminal acts.
(11) Within two weeks of becoming Secretary of State committed an epic diplomatic faux pas that caused Whitehall to publicly and officially repudiate the century long “special relation” between the UK and the USA;
(12) A bit later her incredibly stupid “reset button” gimmick publicly embarrassed Russian officials and widened the rift the Clintons had so assiduously created;
(13) Fomented, aided and abetted the so-called “Arab Spring” which has permanently destabilized much of North Africa;
(14) Fomented the overthrow of Qadafi in Libya which has turned that country into a failed anarchic mess and a haven for Islamo-fascist terrorists and helped spread terrorist movements like Boko Haram into much of central Africa;
(15) Failed utterly to protect US diplomats in Benghazi and lied through her teeth about the causes of that disaster and the role she played in it;
(16) While Secretary she violated an oath she took after being trained in how to handle classified materials, violated directly several section of the USC regarding the handling of such materials, and as a result exposed many US humint and elint intelligence sources [people may have died as a result;
(17) While Secretary her office and underlings negotiated deals with individuals and groups from which Clinton or her “foundation” had received emoluments, giving at least the appearance of pay-to-play and once again violating provisions of the USC.

Some with a necon bent might argue about the following but they are part of a frightening pattern of foreign interventions having no apparent immediate advantage to the USA and which ultimately unravel in ways that endanger both world order and the USA’s long term interests.

(a) Clinton-inspired and directed interventions in Kosovo which led to the establishment of an anarchic region on the southern flank of Europe engaged in a massive narcotics trade and serving as a reservoir and exporter of Islamofascism and terrorism
(b) While Secretary of State Clinton oversaw an engineered putsch which overthrew the legitimate and elected government of Ukraine and replaced it with a corrupt, unstable, and illegitimate successor regime. As a result, and as might have been expected, Russia supported the secession of ethnically Russian parts of Ukraine from this state resulting in a simmering civil war.
(c) Perhaps not coincidentally just before this one of the Ukrainian oligarch beneficiaries of this disaster had made a donation of tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, which is basically a slush fund for Bill and Hill to pillage at will.

* Clinton was valedictorian of her Wellesley College class at a time when Wellesley had very high admissions and academic standards. Part of Clinton’s college success is probably due to her obviously neurotic drive to succeed but still I expect that Clinton’s IQ is somewhere at least a bit north of 130 or so,

However, things like character, judgment, emotional control, political savvy, managerial savvy, accommodation to a wide variety of viewpoints and cognitive styles, and other such attributes and skills are essential for any manager, let alone the President of the USA. Clinton has demonstrated on numerous occasions that she is utterly lacking in any of these. Judging by the outcomes of things in which she becomes involved, she is a singularly and shockingly unlucky person. I wouldn’t want a person with her track record organizing my very limited social calendar let alone managing the nation of which I am a citizen.

* She hasn’t had a press conference in over seven months. I don’t think she is no longer capable of having a free range Q&A session anymore.

Either she can’t handle it emotionally or intellectually. In either case, that makes her unfit for office.

And when her campaign manager was asked when she’d hold a press conference, he burst out laughing.

* The Democratic coalition of the fringes was baked into the election cake long before Trump threw his hat into the ring. The topics and speakers at the Democratic convention would have been approximately the same had Jeb or Marco won. This is not a reaction to Trump. One day was reserved for Hispanics, one day for Blacks and tonight will be all about WOMEN and their vaginas.

* Hillary is not very smart. What she is, and people hate about her, is arrogant and entitled in the way say, Leona Helmsley was. It is not just one thing, but all of them together: trashing Bill Clinton’s mistresses and various sexual harassment victims, possible rape victims. Her involvement in Whitewater. The Cattle Futures insider trading. The Rose Law Firm pay to play corrupt payoffs to her in exchange for Bill Clinton favors. The White House Travel firings to install cronies. The FBI files copied for enemies lists and blackmail. The Health Care fiasco. The lying about Bosnian Snipers. The lack of loyalty to Vince Foster leading to his suicide, echoed by the lack of loyalty to Amb. Stevens and the SEALs and contractors in Libya.

And the email server fiasco and Clinton Foundation shakedowns. Hillary is just not very smart — it is one thing to figure the Press will run air cover for her, and suppress any bad information (true); it is another to make various corrupt deals with Putin (various big donations by Putin-connected oligarchs to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for State Dept. approval of Russian firm Rosaton buying one fifth of US Uranium production).

It is quite another to renege on those deals, prompting predictably massive disclosure of all sorts of embarrassing secrets.

Hillary was stupid and arrogant, a lethal combination. If she wanted to make dirty deals with Putin she should have kept them; and if not kept them made sure he had no way to provide evidence of her duplicity and stupidity — by keeping everything off the record in personal meetings with no recordings possible (walk and talk in corridors and outside).

Hillary has had no success whatsoever — failed at everything she’s ever led. She’s just the Leona Helmsley of US Politics, sheltered by Bill and a fawning, feminist press.

As for Merkel, she’s clearly motivated by tingles for young, dominant, and stupid Muslim men and having made sure she has no parliamentary rivals is secure from any action by her party or voters. Of course she figures most Germans will be compliant sheep, taking her imperious orders as Queen. As attacks only increase exponentially, that’s a poor bet. Surges of protests like those that undid Honecker coupled with military intervention could bounce her out like Honecker.

* Bill Clinton spent an hour detailing how much he loved Hillary. And how awesome she was. When in fact he’s spent his entire married life screwing around with weathergirls, former Miss Arkansas and b-TV actresses, various interns and secretaries, etc.

If he loved her so much and she was so awesome, why did he spend a lifetime screwing other women? The speech was laughable and provided no doubt fodder for more adventurous and hungry comedians on Youtube seeking to get a following.

Then Obama went on and on about how awesome … Obama was and is. With the message constantly drummed in … no White Men need apply.

It looks like Hillary’s strategy is: double and triple down on anti White Male hate; gin up non-White turnout, get the angry feminist vote, and use the media to shame White men into voting for them the way they shamed White men into turning out in droves for the fat lesbian feminist remake of Ghostbusters. Oh wait.

* The juxtaposition of Tim Kaine with Barack Obama last night was a reminder that most politicians are really terrible at the “my story is the nation’s story” shtick that’s been Obama’s bread-and-butter for the last twelve years.

* The treason clause applies to “enemies” of the United States, not to geopolitical rivals. Trump’s statement, even if serious– like, say, an open letter in “The Harvard Crimson”– did not comprise conferring or negotiating with a foreign government. Even if Trump called up Putin, and directly begged him to release the illegally deleted Clinton e-mails, how would that act be contrary to the interests of the United States government, since our government was entitled to those e-mails, and has been reputedly anxious to get copies of them? Again, Donald Trump, unlike the ingenious Harvard Law School professor, Constitutional scholar, and would-be Supreme Court justice, Mr. Tribe, realizes that the server is no longer hackable, since it no longer exists, as such, and the e-mails are no longer extant on the hard drive– which presumably is no longer even housed in the disabled server, which is supposedly now in the possession of the Department of Justice itself.

* Recall how the Republicans crucified Sarah Palin by forcing her on a hostile press ready to draw blood. The lesson learned, the Democrats intentionally keep the Hildebeast from the press to ensure that no one really knows who she is and what she believes. The exposure would be too dangerous. Hillary’s exposure to the public therefore is limit to slogans and press releases vetted through focus groups and gooey encomiums from the MSM.

* I’ve met a lot of German kids over the last few years (mostly fresh out of highschool) who on their way to bright futures in German universities and training apprenticeships. There are a few critically-minded exceptions, but by and large they just don’t think that much of anything. I suspect they do fine with task-based responsibilities and following processes and rules, but they struggle to think for themselves and take a view beyond the programming they’ve been given.

I had one 19 year old male respond to my gentle chit-chat opener about the challenges of the migration crisis (circa Merkel’s boner) to the effect of: “It’s only a crisis if you choose to view it as one – otherwise it’s an opportunity.” I’m not kidding. We didn’t share many conversations after that.

The good German is a good, obedient worker drone raised in worship of German industry and reared up in a system designed to cram the state welfare teat as far down everyone’s throats as possible to keep them dependent on it and defensive of it. They’ll go on flocking to the master until they have a new one.

* I have always found that British Islanders and the Irish in particular are much more generally aware of politics and history than most ethnics groups. It is in our blood, in our ways from the pubs to the social clubs. My in-laws, for example are Eastern European and have no interest in talking politics or current events.

* We’re talking about a person who couldn’t operate a fax machine and thought it only worked with the receiver off the hook. Huma had to bail her out. Hillary also managed multiple smartphones because she thought you could only have one email account per smartphone. She also had no idea what Twitter was in 2009 and when someone was Tweeting in her name, Hillary had no idea what to do. Her underlings were tasked to figure out who it was.

Even allowing for the fact that she’s a 68 year old grandmother, and grew up with rotary phones, this is pretty appalling. I’m actually surprised the Republicans haven’t made a much bigger deal out of this. You could create quite a damaging meme just based on the fax machine alone, if you hammered it home repeatedly.

Reports were that Hillary was more upset by these revelations than anything else that came out of the State Dept. email dump, because it got to the core of her incompetence for any office higher than dog catcher. And it wasn’t something she could pin on the “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

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