Never Mind the Bodies, SPLC Says: “Black Lives Matter Is Not a Hate Group”

Steve Sailer writes: As we’ve seen from recent murder statistics, BLM activism closely correlates with subsequent increases in the number of homicides.

Never mind the dead bodies, however, because the Southern Poverty Law Center is here to define from first principles how BLM can’t be a hate group despite all the murders that happen in its wake:

Black Lives Matter Is Not a Hate Group

Richard Cohen
July 19, 2016

Each year, the Southern Poverty Law Center, of which I am the president, compiles and publishes a census of domestic hate groups.

Our list, which is cited extensively by journalists, academics and government officials alike, provides an important barometer—not the only one, of course—to help us understand the state of hate and extremism in America.

In recent weeks, we’ve received a number of requests to name Black Lives Matter a hate group, particularly in the wake of the murders of eight police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge. Numerous conservative commentators have joined the chorus. There is even a petition calling for the hate group label.

In our view, these critics fundamentally misunderstand the nature of hate groups and the BLM movement.

Generally speaking, hate groups are, by our definition, those that vilify entire groups of people based on immutable characteristics such as race or ethnicity. Federal law takes a similar approach. …

Many of its harshest critics claim that Black Lives Matter’s very name is anti-white, hence the oft-repeated rejoinder “all lives matter.” This notion misses the point entirely. Black lives matter because they have been marginalized throughout our country’s history and because white lives have always mattered more in our society. As BLM puts it, the movement stands for “the simple proposition that ‘black lives also matter.’”

The backlash to BLM, in some ways, reflects a broad sense of unease among white people who worry about the cultural changes in the country and feel they are falling behind in a country that is rapidly growing more diverse in a globalizing world. We consistently see this phenomenon in surveys showing that large numbers of white people believe racial discrimination against them is as pervasive, or more so, than it is against African Americans.

Black Lives Matter is not a hate group. But the perception that it is racist illustrates the problem. …

If you weren’t so hateful hate-filled, why would BLM hate you so much?


* So race is immutable to the SPLC? I thought it was just a social construct?

It’s a good thing BLM isn’t vilifying whites or anything.

* I think the pushback is intensifying — i.e. BLM propaganda & public image consciousness — because there is a natural limit to Professional Black Guy shakedown-artisty, once other blacks start to sense that whatever theme it is this year that led to the pan-media jag of stoking the feels has begun to turn a bit counter-productive. You hear it in the recent commentary by Michael Jordan and Richard Sherman. Enthusiasm for BLM-brand self-assertion and self-publicity is on the wane; meanwhile white liberal Civil Rights Geeks are left holding the bag.

* By this standard, any group should be able to avoid the hate group label so long as their mission statement has the right verbiage. Don’t worry about what the members say or do, right?

I find it hard to believe the SPLC would play favorites here. They’re trying to stop hate, and nothing is more important.

* But the perception that [BLM] is racist illustrates the problem.

You hate me. You have a problem. I hate you. You have a problem.





Nope. No hate there, Mr. Cohen. Your eagle-eyed SPLC outfit really did your Scout’s Honor homework to nail that tough one.

* The SPLC is the most successful fund raiser on the left for a reason. They sell a very consistent product. People who give them money know that they product the are buying is always anti-white, anti-conservative, anti-native, and anti-male.

* The SPLC is a leftist group, effectively the equivalent of the imprimatur for Cultural Marxism.

As an agent of CultMarx, their goal is a world where white conservative/Christian males (WCMs) are permanently driven from power in the polis that they built. Drive us out, and Trotsky’s permanent revolution will follow.

* It gets a lot simpler when you realise that the SPLC is a hate group. That they include the JDL & Nation of Islam in their list of hate groups just for cover, so it’s not quite so obvious (and those entries have a ‘more in sorrow than in anger’ feel about them). This article makes it clear exactly who the target of their hate is.

* The irony is BLM, Obama, and his shitty crew just makes life more difficult for the significant number of black folks who are intelligent, self-possessed, and successful contributors and strivers. Imagine this guy turning on his tv and seeing that DNC shitshow. Your heart has to go out to the guy:

* Race is a social construct, a hangup, for us awful and racist Whites.

For SPLC and #BLM and the Democrats and all their sycophants, race is a deadly serious business to be used for destruction and political advantage. And business is GOOD.

* Transgenderism pulls the rug from under the ‘immutability’ argument. It’s really very simple:

1. Bruce Jenner was a man who was attracted to women.
2. Bruce Jenner became a woman who is attracted to other women.
3. Hence, her sexuality changed from heterosexual to homosexual, and therefore sexuality is not immutable.
4. Therefore, it is ok to discriminate on the basis of sexuality.

* SPLC is so obviously another bigoted anti-white tribal outfit masquerading as civil rights group. Europeans are going through the same humiliation, whites in africa have already been defeated.

* They are a money machine via the lawsuits they gin up. They do better as the US judiciary gets more liberal Obama judges appointed. State level too as graduating lawyers are more liberal-left every year.

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