What About Hillary’s Speech?

Comments at Steve Sailer:

I am currently listening to Hillary’s speech, and whoever predicted she would move to the center doesn’t understand the “coalition of the fringes” (per Sailer) as she is busy throwing meat to each part of the coalition. I don’t think she is winning any new voters tonight. Prediction: big win for Trump. Especially if Russia (or whoever) releases those 33,000 deleted emails.

BTW does anybody know what proportion of the delegates are black? Because the cameras, when they scan the audience, invariably manage to show a preponderance of whites.

* Dull speech. Now it’s up to the CNN panel to drag that lumpen pantsuit over the finish line.

* The only part I remember that sticks out is that she believes in Climate Change and is going to create millions of jobs in Green Energy, which, apparently will solve all our problems.

Strangely unaffecting speech.

She looked pretty good tonight. Has no charisma. Her voice is neither attractive nor authoritative.

Numerous attacks on Trump but they didn’t seem to draw blood.

– Trump’s speech was way better as text, although his delivery involved too much shouting.

This speech was mostly about having more school dances: the usual.

* Adelson vs Soros in a cage match to see which puppet becomes prez.

* Cankles was her usual angry reproachful self tonight. The usual terrible delivery, especially of the punchlines. The speech itself was fairly forgettable, just one of her typical campaign speeches. No one will remember it a day from now. Also a lot of platitudes (“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” Seriously?). The “join us” bit was especially weak and awful. The only thing that surprised me was the lack of pandering to BLM and minorities. It was a fairly “white” speech. Either she figures she has the minorities in the bag or she is desperate to increase her share of the white vote.

That said, she was on stage for over an hour, and looked pretty healthy. I’m not convinced about the health rumors, coughing fits, etc…Also no major gaffes or awkward moments, so I guess by her standards it was a successful speech. But it will be Michelle’s speech that everyone will remember, not hers.

As a side note, Bernie looked really nonplussed when she mentioned him, couldn’t even manage a fake smile. I guess there is only so much humiliation someone can take.

* Maybe failing the DC bar exam the summer she passed the Arkansas bar exam had something to do with her relationship with Bill? Maybe deep down she really wanted to follow Bill to Arkansas, but her feminism told her that was too womanly, so she solved the problem for herself by passing only the bar exam where Bill was headed?

* Didn’t Sarah Silverman almost die recently, needing a week in the hospital? Maybe they shouldn’t have shoved her out on stage so soon?

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