Dennis Prager Feels Little Desire To Gossip

I guess it all depends on how you define gossip. Dennis Prager’s number one source for items for his show is the Drudge Report, the number one news and gossip website in the world.

On his radio show today, Dennis said: "Let me just say, and I’m going to sound like a devil’s advocate but I’m not. No one knows this wonderful Joseph Telushkin better than I do and cares about the subject almost as much as he does. Also, interestingly, as he can testify, of all the bad things I have to battle in my life, that is not one of them. I don’t have a particular interest in gossip. And the proof is that I never talk about scandals on this show. I have inordinately low interest in people’s scandals. It’s something I have to battle.

"Don’t go overboard where you won’t even talk to your husband about anyone in your life lest it be gossip or you won’t have intimate talk with your husband."

I’ve found that almost all men say they have little interest in gossip but in their behavior they demonstrate to the contrary. I doubt Prager is as little interested in gossip as he pretends. To have little interest in gossip is to have little interest in people. If you are strongly interested in someone or in people generally, then you will be interested in information and speculation about the people you care about.

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