Ross Douthat Sanitizes Alt-Right Ideas For His New York Times Column

Richard Spencer tweets:

* For a long time, Douthat has been lifting, and sanitizing, #altright, HBD, and paleo ideas for his columns.

* Buckley didn’t capture the conservatives for neos. He created a terrible movement, which was taken over partially by neos.

* Certainly, an authentic (though naive) small-town libertarian-conservatism existed pre-Buckley.

* Also, neocons came from the Trotskyist-Marxist left, before entering the Right after Reagan.

* Interestingly, the neocons and “conservatives” had so many elective affinities: foreign policy, America = capitalism, etc.

* I have a hard time w/ idea that neocons “hijacked” conservatism, as it implies that the Buckley-ite movement was ever good.

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