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‘Yes, We Should Call Them Imperialists’

Paul Gottfried wrote July 19, 2018: Neoconservatives like Max Boot are fooling themselves if they think imposing ‘values’ on the rest of the world isn’t a matter of empire. Recently while reading a book by an Israeli scholar named Yoram … Continue reading

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Jews and the Conservative Rift

Historian Edward Shapiro, Marc B. Shapiro’s father, writes in 1999: American conservatism was enveloped in a mood of doubt and angst during the 1980s and 1990s precisely at the time when its message had seemingly never resonated more strongly. These … Continue reading

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Bye, Bye Neo-Cons

David Goldman writes: Israeli leaders of all major parties warn of two existential threats to Israel: a U.N. resolution forcing Israel back to the 1967 armistice line, and a nuclear-armed Iran. With Donald Trump’s election both threats have receded into … Continue reading

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White Man’s Burden

Comment: “Haaretz ran this interesting story back in 2003 about the genesis of the Iraq War. Suffice it to say no respectable journalist in the US could have run this without ruining their career.” Haaretz: The war in Iraq was … Continue reading

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Trump +6

Comments at Steve Sailer: * Trump is moving out ahead in the polls and many of the #NeverTrumpers are realizing this game of musical chairs will quickly be coming to an end and they will be left standing holding their … Continue reading

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