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What the Neocons Got Right: A Review of Arguing the World

The documentary also reveals how Jewish intellectuals with their high verbal IQs are particularly driven to top-down theory rather than the bottom-up realistic work of Anglos such as Charles Darwin and John J. Mearsheimer. Steve Sailer in 2006 wrote up … Continue reading

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Bye, Bye Neo-Cons

David Goldman writes: Israeli leaders of all major parties warn of two existential threats to Israel: a U.N. resolution forcing Israel back to the 1967 armistice line, and a nuclear-armed Iran. With Donald Trump’s election both threats have receded into … Continue reading

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White Man’s Burden

Comment: “Haaretz ran this interesting story back in 2003 about the genesis of the Iraq War. Suffice it to say no respectable journalist in the US could have run this without ruining their career.” Haaretz: The war in Iraq was … Continue reading

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The twilight of US Jewry

Vox Day writes: Now we know why (((Mark Levin))) and (((Ben Shapiro))) are suddenly frantic to get back in the good graces of the Trump-supporting Republicans. The message has clearly been delivered, as this Jerusalem Post article demonstrates that Israel … Continue reading

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Trump +6

Comments at Steve Sailer: * Trump is moving out ahead in the polls and many of the #NeverTrumpers are realizing this game of musical chairs will quickly be coming to an end and they will be left standing holding their … Continue reading

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