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Russian Decency

Zhenya Bruno writes for NYBooks.com: In the investigative journalist Elena Kostyuchenko’s new book about Russia, resistance is carried out through small, discreet acts… There was a flash of confidence in her eyes, a claim that certain lines should not be … Continue reading

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No Comfort in Shakespeare’s Tragedies

Fintan O’Toole writes for NYBooks.com: What we encounter, then, is nothing so comforting as imperfect men causing trouble that will be banished by their deserved deaths. It is men who embody the hurly-burly that, contrary to the predictions of the … Continue reading

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The Workings of the Spirit

Peter Brown writes for NYBooks.com: A new history of Christianity traces its transformation over a thousand years from an enormous diversity of beliefs and practices to Catholic uniformity… Peter Heather’s Christendom is a colossal book written by a colossus in … Continue reading

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Leaving The Fold

I just renewed my subscription to NYBooks. It is such a gorgeous publication. From NYBooks.com: All religious autobiography hinges on a drama of escape. The convert speaks from a vantage of liberation, having been freed from the shackles of sin, … Continue reading

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