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‘American Pravda: Oddities of the Jewish Religion’

Many people asked me to comment on this Ron Unz essay. I read it. I see that the author keeps noting that he’s no expert in the subject. So, once again, I find it hard to take him seriously. I … Continue reading

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Trump – Putin

Comments at Steve Sailer: * Seriously – when did Vlad Putin become “the worst man in the world?” Didn’t Barack Obama once boast that he would meet with any foreign leader, anywhere, with no preset conditions? Didn’t the Democrats chastise … Continue reading

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Tales Of The Gadolim

Marc B. Shapiro writes: * Once R. Jacob David Wilovsky of Slutzk visited R. Meir Simhah of Dvinsk and told him that he wanted to also visit the Rogochover. R. Meir Simhah attempted to dissuade him, saying that the Rogochover … Continue reading

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