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Do Non-Jews Have Agency?

If so, the Jewish Question is of moderate importance at most. If the JQ is primary to you, then you’re saying non-Jews lack agency. Pick a path, white man. Blame or step up? Larry says: So let’s stop “blaming” all … Continue reading

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Magical Miserablism: Robert Stark’s Myths of the Near Future

James O’Meara writes: Robert Stark has achieved something remarkable here. He’s taken the basic elements of a common kind of alt-Right narrative — basically, the youth who, because of his intelligence and sensitivity, becomes a murderous outcast from a degenerate … Continue reading

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The Winds Of Change

Alex Linder posts on VNN March 10, 2015: Ford is a smart guy; he certainly understands jews. He was trying to interview me but I refused. He’s on facebook and perhaps twitter. I guess he was an evangelical who converted … Continue reading

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Quantifying Anti-Semitism

Ben emails: I was reading through your recent long blog post “Quantfying Antisemitism” and have been watching your YouTube channel quite a bit lately. The Jewish question is absolutely fascinating to me. I consider myself an Antisemite, and I’ll tell … Continue reading

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