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The Mildewed Teaching Chair

On Friday, I left some wet cloths on my wooden stool that I use for teaching Alexander Technique. When I removed the now-dry cloths this evening, I saw they had left horrible mildew splotches. So I scrubbed away and the … Continue reading

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Who Are The Good Guys?

Comments: * The trouble with objective principles for determining winners and losers is that there will be losers, and losing in the status competition game is serious business. And since we are inevitably a mix of individual and group interests, … Continue reading

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Jews & Germany

Comments: * Today, we look at the relationship Jews had with Germany through the prism of the Holocaust, and believe it was nothing but painful and acrimonious. But up until the Third Reich, Jews had a fairly good relationship with … Continue reading

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More Fresh Meat

More fresh meat. Most sexually desirable targets for homosexuals are young, easily confused heterosexuals. https://t.co/gmkirf73ql — Steve Sailer (@Steve_Sailer) June 19, 2017 Tragic Dirt under an MIT dorm; MIT to shut dorm favored by LGBTs and non-Asian minorities due to … Continue reading

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