Do We Want Affirmative Action Cops? (1-28-23)

01:00 Beverly Hills murders,
05:00 Is N.Y.’s Child Welfare System Racist?
06:00 CA State Bar goes after black attorneys,
13:40 Trans activists making an impact for social justice on Twitter
15:00 Gamergate
16:15 Russians with attitude
26:20 Debt ceiling
35:30 Does the Left have new ideas?
39:30 Eating bugs to prevent climate change
45:00 Elliott Blatt joins
1:02:00 Why did I come back to this s*** hole (LA)?
1:13:50 No, Project Veritas Video Doesn’t Prove Pfizer Is Mutating Covid-19, Who Is Jordon Trishton Walker?
1:20:00 Covid as a cash cow for big pharma,

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Breaking Down The Paul Pelosi, Tyre Nichols Bodycam Footage Release (1-27-23)

01:00 Tyre Nichols murder footage,
05:00 Paul Pelosi attack video,
16:00 Murderous attack on Jerusalem synagogue
28:20 What is Elon Musk doing with Twitter?
30:20 Nick Fuentes rebanned from Twitter
1:46:00 Heather Mac Donald on allegations of police racism,

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LA First Impressions After Nearly Three Months Down Under

I flew into LAX this morning from Sydney.

I’m struck by:

* How good LA smells;
* How much less comfortable life is here (diversity means we have little in common so everyone is uncomfortable unless they’re with their tribe);
* Australia has a higher quality of life but the most ambitious Australians will frequently leave the country for the US or Europe;
* LA’s Westside is reasonably similar to the Eastern suburbs of Sydney (low crime, high real estate prices, fit thin residents);
* How I couldn’t wait to get inside behind my locked doors after using public transport, while in Australia, I would usually decompress by going outside;
* After three months without feeling fear in Australia, it rushed back in me as I made my way from LAX via the bus;
* Given LA’s lack of cohesion and trust, government seems to work about as efficiently as can be expected;
* How I feel nothing in common with most people I encounter in LA while I felt a connection with many people I saw in Sydney because we had more in common (including the English language).

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Nick Fuentes Came From The Basement (1-26-23)

01:00 Impressions upon returning to LA
06:00 Talking about Carl Schmitt with a German woman on a plane

It Came From the Basement

16:00 Ann Coulter: Blondes, the Trump Curse, Libertarian Suicide Pact, Woke Single Females, Twitter vs. Free Speech, Kavanaugh, Clinton, Clarence Thomas,
18:00 Blonde privilege,
27:00 New Yorker: A Brewery’s Anti-Violence Mission, Complicated by a Killing,
38:00 Nick Fuentes – up from the basement,
1:11:30 What to Know About the New Brett Kavanaugh Documentary,
1:15:00 Ann Coulter’s complaints about Twitter
1:34:00 “83 is a 2021 Indian Hindi language biopic sports drama film”,
1:43:40 Tucker Carlson: Antifa is back in force
1:54:00 How come we can’t have nice things?
2:19:00 Sam Yorty, former mayor of Los Angeles,
2:30:00 WP: Robert Moses and the saga of the racist parkway bridges,
2:40:00 High IQ people are more trusting,
2:43:00 Making friends in Sydney,
2:54:20 How Can Republicans Win?

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What’s The Matter With Men?

New Yorker: What’s the matter with men?

Virtual Pilgrim comments: “Luke’s discussion about what men want in terms of relationship and sex compared to what women want Is a totally worldly point of view. There may be some truth underneath all of this, but I can tell you that the crowd that I ran with did not act that way at all. I ran around with Bible believing Christians went to a Bible College where there was zero insinuation of sexual relationships. The women had separate dorms from the men and once in a while they would come over to our dorms outside and sing hymns to us, and we would do the same to them. It’s a whole different world when you’re in a moral society.”

RR comments: “Spectacular scenery, landscaping. Remarkably immaculate, and uncrowded- certainly when considering present summer vacation period.
Also striking is the photographic quality. And mind you, I’m viewing on the iPhone SE 2020, which is the lowest end of the line. Can only imagine what the visual quality would be like on a high end screen (and a larger one).”

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