– A Way To Fight Back Against SJW Censorship

Vox Day writes: It’s strange, but no one who has participated in targeting me for abuse has ever had their account suspended, let alone deleted. This is why, if you’re on Twitter, it’s time to move over to Gab. Your days are numbered there anyhow. Consider the casualties:

Scott Adams
Vox Day
Ricky Vaughn

I guarantee you that every single one of those individuals were more sinned against than sinning. But that is the SJW tactic, to repeatedly hit you, then declare that you are not allowed to hit back. That’s not right.

Hit back. Join #TheDisconvergence. Sign up for Gab. Start using Infogalactic. Start using Brave. We’re going to foxnews these fuckers to oblivion, and you’re going to help us do it. There are tens of thousands of you who have read SJWs Always Lie, so you know what the stakes are. When I wrote about “taking down the Thought Police”, this is exactly what I anticipated.

If you’ve ever rolled your eyes about a biased entry on Wikipedia or censored yourself on Twitter or Facebook because you knew if you exposed what you really think you’d find yourself the subject of an SJW campaign, you’re one of us already. It’s time for all of us to take the offense for a change and let the thought police worry about us.

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Santa Ana Is Less Than 10% White

Vox Day writes: There is no longer even the appearance of a coherent nation. This is the state to which the proposition nation lunatics have reduced the USA. Nations are people. They are not ideas, borders or political boundaries. Change the people, change the nation. Change the people, and all of the ideas, borders, and political boundaries will inevitably change with them. Demographics is destiny.

The foolishness of the whites who welcomed these changes is such that they still don’t understand or accept what is happening, nor will many of them until they are driven, hated and impoverished, from their homes. And some, virtue-signaling to the end, will die as martyrs, holding firm to their secular faith and declaring “not all Blacks/Hispanics/Asians/whatever are like that!”

Assimilation is not assent to an idea. It is not mimicking behavior or learning the language or parroting words. Assimilation means interbreeding for multiple generations until your genes are no longer detectable amidst the host population. And assimilation is impossible for large quantities of immigrants.

This cake was baked in 1965. And it’s finally coming out of the oven.

As Martin van Creveld has written, immigration is war. And this is the last war America will ever lose.

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What Comes Next?

Vox Day comments on Angelo Codevilla’s essay for Claremont, “After the Republic”: While it is a polite lament for the death of the US republic and an intellectual explanation for the rise of Donald Trump, what it really amounts to is the powerful case for the #Alt-Right. Constitutionalism is stone-dead. The proposition nation never existed in the first place. Conservatism failed. The Rule of Law has been trampled by the establishment. There is no more Union; the immigrants upon whom Abraham Lincoln relied to save it with their arms ended up destroying it with their votes only five-score-and-two years after the Gettysburg Address.

The former Republic of the United States of America is now the Post-Republican Empire of the Dysunited States of Many Nations.

What comes next? If history is any guide, ethnic strife, war, and the birth of multiple new homogeneous nations. It won’t happen overnight, but then, it took fifty years for the Republic to die from its mortal wound.

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Tabletmag on Jared Kushner: “Does he remain the type of person that others want to do business with, or socialize with, even in New York?”

Oy vey! The social consequences of supporting Donald Trump!

From Tabletmag:

Soon, very soon, barring some succession of events so awful as to surpass even the insanely high bar set this season for civic unpleasantness, Donald Trump will be consigned to the dustbin of American political history. Unless the very real and deep problems that the country is facing today—the onward march of the billionaires, a collapsing press, the spreading effects of technologies that make large sections of the workforce redundant, the decline of American power abroad, a resurgence of identity politics at home, etc.—somehow prove fatally disorienting, he will go slouching back to Mar-a-Lago. Perhaps the specter of a Trump presidency will have a lingering salutary effect on both parties, and the political fevers will break, though probably not.

Other key questions will nevertheless remain. Among those pertinent here: What will become of Jared Kushner, the Trump campaign’s smooth-faced consigliere, who just last week broke his regular observance of the Sabbath for a strategy meeting in Trump Tower to help his father-in-law (in Yiddish, mechutan) deal with a tape of his extraordinarily vulgar remarks about women? Can his role be chalked up to a more-or-­less normal sense of loyalty and ambition? Does he remain the type of person that others want to do business with, or socialize with, even in New York? Or will Kushner be held responsible, in some important ways, for his role in his father-­in­-law’s campaign?

The Times has called Kushner a “de facto campaign manager” for Donald Trump, but in a campaign that often seems rudderless, his real value may be less managerial than sensory. Trump has moderated his tendency toward bigotry and misogyny only slightly since the beginning of election season, and recent revelations have made the change seem especially superficial. Kushner, on the other hand, is a normalizing presence. His hair is a normal color. He signals his aspirations legibly, without being garish. At cocktail parties, he is pleasant. For Trump, he has been an essential go-between—a kind of human balm, useful for preventing or soothing abrasions. Trump reportedly uses him exactly this way, deploying Kushner as an emollient with corporate and political figures, including Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer; Henry Kissinger; Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto; Ronald Perelman; Paul Ryan, and numerous other Republican leaders. This past September, Kushner helped arrange a meeting between Trump and Netanyahu. A former associate of Rupert Murdoch recently told The New Yorker: “I think Jared’s been the key in getting Rupert to come around to the idea of a Trump presidency.”

But the question of what else there is to Jared Kushner remains somewhat mysterious. “It’s interesting, because [Kushner is] just like Trump in a way,” said Michael Gross, a journalist and author who has known Trump for many years. “He had this ambition to cross the river and make a mark. And yet he remained, and remains, something of a cipher. Obviously, the question is: Is there a there there?”

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Is The Left & Right Abandoning The Jews?

Vox Day writes: Jewish commentators are aghast that no one on the Left or the Right gives a damn about what they think or want anymore.

In a 2011 article published by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, politically conservative Jewish radio host Benyamin Korn reflected upon the scores of Jews populating conservative new media, concluding:

Certainly there is another reason why Jews, per se, have attracted so little notice in the conservative new media: the change in American conservatism itself. Ethnically diverse and intellectually formidable, today’s conservatism is reliably pro-Israel, comfortably Judeo-Christian and for the most part promotes a nuanced social conservatism. In a movement that is credible and hospitable to American Jews, and from which the ethno-centrism of yore is largely absent, Jewish journalists will flourish.

At least until the rise of the alt-Right. Fast-forward five years and it would appear that conservative new media has turned on its own, with sites like Breitbart (whose former executive chairman now runs the Trump campaign) being used to weed out Jewish Republicans unwilling to toe the party line. Weird anti-Semitic memes like Pepe the Frog have trended among Trump supporters and an army of faceless anti-Semites has taken to Twitter and other social media outlets on Trump’s behalf. The anti-Semitism on the Right is so overwhelming in fact that many Jews have left the Republican Party altogether, receiving farewells that boil down to, Don’t let the door hit you in the tuchus on the way out.

Is the Alt-Right Borrowing Jihadist Propaganda Techniques? The Alt-Right and BLM are One and the Same

So, what of the political future of American Jewry? The one thing that 2016 has made clear is this: Jewish Americans are not welcome among the political elite on the Left or the Right. For the first time in my lifetime, Jewish Americans who make no bones about identifying as Jews, whether they are Orthodox in practice or Zionist in outlook, are being given the cold shoulder by the political establishment at large.

What is fascinating here is the total inability to connect the action with the consequence. The Alt-Right has risen to replace the conservative media because the scores of entryist Jews who filled it after William F. Buckley’s purge of the Birchers transformed the conservative media into something that is close to the polar opposite of what it once was. And, of course, because so many of those (((conservatives))) are prone to writing propagandistic fiction, as (((Susan Goldberg))) repeatedly demonstrates in this short piece.

  1. The Alt-Right is not the same as Black Lives Matter. That’s an insanely stupid lie.
  2. Pepe the Frog is not an anti-Semitic meme. Putting a swastika on Bugs Bunny doesn’t make Bugs Bunny an anti-Semitic meme. The medium is not the message.
  3. 78 percent of Jews voted for Obama in 2012. There weren’t “many Jews” in the Republican Party in the first place.
  4. The anti-Semitism on the Right is not overwhelming by any measure. If Goldberg thinks it’s overwhelming now, just wait until the next financial crash. If Jews were really as smart as they like to advertise, they would never have allowed Jane Yellen to be appointed Fed chairman, but would have insisted on the former head of the Chinese central bank taking the job, and the eventual fall. And they would have kept very, very far away from non-Jewish crooks like John Corzine

A conservatism that is pro-Israel instead of pro-American, “Judeo-Christian” instead of Christian, and “promotes a nuanced social conservatism” instead of promoting a staunch pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-child, pro-Western-civilization conservatism is of zero interest to pretty much everyone who isn’t named (((Goldberg))) or (((Shapiro))). Neither immigrants nor natives have any use for it.

Jews are no longer welcome among the political elite on the Left or the Right because both sides now realize that their primary motivation, “is it good for the Jews?”, is no longer of any benefit to the objectives of  either the Left or the Right. Perhaps more importantly in the long term, the transformation from ideology politics to identity politics means there is no longer any more place for Jews in the Christian American tribe than there is for Christian Americans in the Jewish tribe.

Judeo-Christianity was never anything more than propaganda, but even if you can’t understand that, you should be able to grasp that it is not a coherent political identity, being both anti-Semitic and anti-Christian.

However, it wasn’t until reading Fukuyama’s The Origins of Political Order that the fundamental problem of Jews in the West became clear to me. (This was a little ironic in that the book has not, in the first 300 pages, even discussed the Jews.) What happened is that the West abandoned the kinship rules that govern the rest of the world as a result of the Catholic Church’s actions in the early middle ages. But not being Christian, the Jews were unaffected by this transformation away from the extended family towards the nuclear family and the individual, and therefore they continued to play by the same kinship rules that the rest of the world has always played by.

These different rules, individual vs extended family, created an inevitable stress between the kinship and the non-kinship populations, which periodically flared up in the historical conflicts we all know. It may also explain the post-1965 attack on the nuclear family. So, the real problem now facing Jews in the West now is not anti-Semitism, the huge invasion of rival tribes that play by the same kinship rules, or even the way in which the non-kinship Westerners are beginning to abandon their traditional rules in favor of a synthetic kinship.

No, the real challenge for the Jews is going to be accepting the fact that their historical success primarily stems from playing the game on the easy coop level when everyone else with whom they were competing was going it more or less alone. In other words, what worked so effectively when the rivals were non-kinship Westerners is not going to work anywhere else in the world, and it is not going to work in a post-Christian West.

I’m not the first to figure this out, of course. The Learned Elders of Wye worked it out 10 years ago. And there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to fix this state of affairs or return things to how they were perceived to be. Once the percentage of the kinship share of the population rose beyond a certain level, it created an absolute necessity for everyone to begin playing by the same kinship rules whether they want to do so or not.

I thought it was Protestant countries that pushed nuclear families and individualism as opposed to the traditional extended family.

They took it further, but they weren’t the source. According to Fukuyama, it was the Catholic ban on cousin marriages combined with permitting female inheritance.

One theme of the book is the constant struggle to stop the powerful from favoring their extended families at the expense of the state and nation. The Islamic solution of creating a foreign slave elite is perhaps the most bizarre of the effective means.

How dry of a read is “The Origins of Political Order” anyway?

It’s not dry at all if you read history, Fukuyama is a good writer. I’ve been very surprised by it, given my low opinion of The End of History.


* And the call of blood and kin return to the deracinated northern tribes…

* The number of pro-Israel, pro-Jewish (or indifferent to Jewish) people on the Right will dramatically decline after this election. (((They))) have really shown their fangs, and we’ll see how that works out for (((them))).

* In terms of Israeli influence in the financial world, one should remember that the vice chairman of the Federal Reserve, Stanley Fischer, has dual American-Israeli citizenship, and was formerly governor of the Bank of Israel.

* Wasn’t there a Jewish newspaper article recently that basically said that the Jewish Right in the US had just committed political suicide? Their overreaction to Trump guaranteed no one was going to listen to them again and that it might end up hurting the Right’s support of Israel as well.

Anyways, Goldberg’s article is absurd in that no one forced Jews out of the Right. They pretty much took their ball and went home when everyone else said they wanted some different policies.

* A Jew, (((Sandy Newman))) from a Marxist Jewish-lead organization, “Voices for Progress” openly collaborates with traitorous Catholics like Podesta to subvert, sabotage and destroy the teachings of Christianity in the fullness of the Catholic Church.

“In 2012, Sandy Newman, founder of the left-wing group, Voices for Progress, asked Podesta for advice on how best to “plant the seeds of the revolution.” The revolution he sought was an attempt to sunder the Catholic Church. Newman, who is Jewish, confessed that he was a rookie at trying to subvert the Catholic Church. But he was determined to do so.

“There needs to be a Catholic Spring,” Newman told Podesta, “in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages dictatorship and the beginning of a little democracy and respect for gender equality in the Catholic Church.”

Fuck him & the near 80% of Jews who vote Marxist and play Global Multi-Cultural Citizen while engaging in over tribalism at the same time. If these bastards got a hint that there was some Catholic Cabal that was purposely scheming to attack the Jewish Faith or the Jewish People of course we would never hear the end of it.

* The Alt-West and Alt-Lite are fairly open to anyone who actually believes in Western Civilization and the things we need to do to restore and preserve it.
Aside from the fact I’m 100% white, because I’m of East European origin, a Catholic, and my ancestors were minding their business in the old country when Lincoln’s war was going on, I don’t seem to be welcome in the alt-White and the alt-White is further split between a Protestant and Odin wing.

At this point, I can only state the first rule: Winning. Except for someone actively doing things in a way that will lead to a Cuck like “lose but keep pure principles”, I welcome everyone fighting the progressives, the political elite, and the rest of the corrupt, crony structure. Once that is defeated, once we take the castle, we can worry about who gets which room in it.

* Most jews in America can easily pass for White if they do two things:

1 – not have an obviously (((jewish))) name.

2 – don’t continually yammer on about being jewish.

1 is easy, any courthouse can help you there. 2… well, 2 seems to be the tricky part.

* Vox Day: The question is, will the Alt-Right have me? Apparently not, because according to the Alt-Right I am not White. Interestingly, to BLM I am White and the enemy. Question: Can I keep my White Privilege Card, or do I need to turn it in?

Who cares? Ironically, that’s your Jewish kinship side talking. You do better when you talk about doing what is right than expecting people to turn a macro-societal level issue into something about you.

The general historical rule is that you will be swept up in the larger societal trend. What you do, think, and say as an individual is totally irrelevant in a time of identity politics. That is the tragedy of these things, but it doesn’t change what has happened before or what will likely happen again.

I don’t worry whether the Alt-Right will accept me or not. I do what I do because I believe it to be the right thing to do. In the end, that is all one can do anyhow. Don’t worry about what others think.

* Solution to your problem (and for your kids):

1) Do not discuss being Jewish with non Jews. If a difficult subject comes up do not reference your background but deal with any issue from principle, not identity.

2) Be a US patriot.

3) Do not try and stand out in any organization, but allow yourself to rise only as far as the folks with whom you are congregating encourage you to rise to.

4) If you are skilled in an area, use that skill to extend your range of influence but only by increasing positive interactions with folks.

5) Make sure you are a quiet person, to many gentiles urban Jews seem loud and pushy, do not be that chap. A careful study of the culture you live in and assimilation into that culture. That includes the wife, if needed instruct her and do not let her be a JAP. Not hard to do except for the last bit.

So for example if you are in a gun club and a skilled shooter/competitor, be the one to step up and run the newsletter, help people with their equipment, do the activity no one want to take the time to do. Be the one to bring coffee and donuts to the shoot, etc. After a while they will come to you to ask you to assume official duties and you will not only be accepted into the fraternity but your religion will not matter.

My experience has been that if you show no outward show of emphasizing your identity, are a decent chap and do not have a chip on your shoulder expecting rejection, you will find American Christians to be a really nice bunch of people. If shit does hit the land, I very much doubt we are going to be “pogromed” as long as the Christians are around. US passports do not have religion marked and many gentiles are circumcised.

* Jews are a nation, one could say the Jewish “religion” (the word is convenient but does not accurately describe how we see ourselves) is a cultural expression of nationhood. But an ersatz form of it that was necessary during exile (practicing Jews still consider exile to be in effect, even with the return of nearly half of world Jewry). The synagogue that a non-practicing Israeli Jew doesn’t go to is Orthodox, for example. Heterodox movements here are far louder than their numbers, basically the hardcore atheist SJW set. They are foreign to Jewish nationhood, and will never gain any traction here.

* In the longer run we who descended from people west of the Hajnal line must think in kinship terms. That means a lot of things but for a start it means tribes like the Jews and Muslims and blacks don’t get the same privileges within our nation. Because they don’t believe in reciprocity. Because they “give” only conditionally. The same may apply to non-interbred Irish and Italians, at least Sicilians anyway.

Because they prefer their tribe to us, sooner or later, we must regard them as outsiders no matter how long they live with us, absent a lot of interbreeding.

Funny thing, this is how the Japanese deal with everyone else. There are genetic Koreans who are the 2nd or 3rd generation to live in Japan, speak Japanese, etc. but they are not and can not be Japanese. Because “Japanese” is in part a genetic condition, it is a bloodline issue.

* Don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks, don’t bother to play the “who is white/not white” game. It always devolves into the Judean People’s Front v. People’s Front of Judea nonsense — which is why the so-called Alt-White will never get anything done. It just plays into the divide and conquer mode of operation, and a good bit of this activity is likely sponsored by the globalists anyway.

I know what’s right and what’s wrong and our society is wrong and increasingly wrong. I’ll work to fix what can be fixed. Defend what is worth defending. You know these things too. Join us in fighting and defending what’s right, true and beautiful.

* What the (((pundits))) and (((leaders))) don’t get is this: not only has the world changed, (((THEY))) changed it. By insisting that everyone else play by the English, west of Hajnal, rules while (((they))) played by their own, private set of rules, (((they))) created the current situation.

If (((they))) had just eased off a bit, had not insisted on near total control of entertainment and finance, (((they))) would not have worn out (((their))) welcome. But like nagging, harpy, control-freak feminist housewives (((they))) had to at least feel in control of everyone else. Everyone else’s actions, and now everyone else’s thoughts must conform to (((their))) ever shifting template.

Now the Saxons are getting pissed. (((They))) are a bit skeered, and if (((they))) want to know what happened, the nearest mirror will tell them (((who))) is to blame.

* I thought people would appreciate hearing my unique perspective, but I was wrong.

For some reason, there are many Jews and gays who share your opinion. The answer is always no. As a general rule, if someone wants your opinion, they will seek it out.

You will notice that I offer my opinions on my own site, I don’t go door-to-door sharing it with people.

* As a young Anglo-Saxon, I’ve noticed a shift and increased attachment to my kin in recent years that I haven’t experienced before. Is this an instinct kicking in saying – war’s coming, lines are being drawn?

* We really don’t care anymore what Jews think, they’ve shoved their opinions at us, unasked, for so long.

Stuff it. We have Jew fatigue. Your best bet is to shut up and keep your head down and big nose on the grindstone.

* So is Judaism a faith or an ethnicity?

That’s like asking if Jews are white or not.

The answer is another question: is it good for the jews?

* This is so completely wrong it makes you wonder if the person who wrote it did so while cleaning up their spilled bong water.

What is the evidence that Jews are not welcome among the political elite? Would it be their presence on the supreme court or in the congress or in the media? Have any be let go because they are jewish? No.

Further, the Alt Right “media” consists of some blogs and some loony bulletin boards.

Is the Alt Right plan to place their bet on wishful thinking? I think it is.

* Robert – Turn the question around. America is a white, Anglo-Saxon, Christian nation. We have identified several groups, the majority (or powerful, influential, large minority) of which want to destroy America. Why should America allow any if the people who want to kill her to remain inside her borders?

We no longer care. If group identity is a weapon fit for our enemies, then it is a weapon fit for our use as well.

If you’d sincerely like to stay, you could convert to the Christian denomination of your choice, and then learn to be truly American.

Like the song says, we didn’t start the fire, but when our house is on fire, we need to first remove the people spreading the gasoline around. You wear their uniform. It’s nothing personal. We didn’t check the politics of all the Germans and Japanese we bombed 70+ years ago, either.

* Put me in the Judeo-Christian camp. Jews developed the fundamental moral philosophy that was turned by the Jewish Jesus into the foundation of his new religion: the “law of love,” that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves. Rabbi Hillel is the first to articulate, as Jesus would later say, that this verse from Leviticus is “all the law and the prophets.” Jesus made a crucial addition, through the parable of the Good Samaritan, that the “neighbors” in this law of love are all of mankind, or at least those who are themselves neighborly (the Good Samaritan actually sets the bar pretty high), regardless of their group affiliations.

Christianity establishes this Law of Love (contrast to the Islamic law of hate, where Muslims are to be “merciful to each other, hard against the unbelievers,” Koran 48.29) as the spirit that gives rise to all the old laws, and it declares that Christians are “now to live by the spirit of the law” (Paul in Corinthians if I am not mistaken), not by the letter of the law, even violating the Ten Commandments when love requires it (e.g. working on the Sabbath).

Judaism may not officially accept the full priority of the law of love but it is a hair’s breadth away. Morally we are brothers in our non-group-exclusive way, opposite to the Muslims’ group-exclusive “brotherhood” of endless mass murder until “all religion is for Allah alone” (Koran 8.40). Neither are American Jews a meaningfully kin-behaving group. They intermarry with non-Jews at high rates. They are nuclear-family focused the same way Christian families are. They form their friendships on the basis of opinion the same way Christians do and non-Christian whites of Christian-extraction do.

Thus I disagree with anyone who frames the current betrayal of American conservatives by a cabal of recently-conservative American Jews as a manifestation of a broader Jewish difference from Christian society. It is not a Jewish thing. It is just this particular cabal of rotten back-stabbing Jews. Do you know who else is trying to claim that this conflict is a manifestation of ethnic division? The rotten backstabbing Jews. They are trying to escape responsibility for their heinous actions by framing the conflict they have stirred as an ethnic group conflict, crying that those (like me) who now regard them like evil scum are just a bunch of anti-semites.

I answered this charge in my own comment on Susan Goldberg’s putrid little article this morning. PJ media blocked it so I’ll post it here instead:

What a disgusting article. No mention that Trump is wildly pro-Jewish and pro Israel, as are the vast majority of his supporters. We know who is on the front lines against Islamofascism and, unlike the rest of the country, we remember that we are in a shooting war with this moral sh!t of the universe.

As for the tiny fraction of the Alt-Right that is antisemitic, they have been greatly inflamed by the fact that there is right now AN ACTUAL JEWISH-LED CONSPIRACY TO STAB AMERICAN CONSERVATISM IN THE BACK. The favorites of leading once-conservative Jews like Kristol, Jonah Goldberg et al. didn’t win the Republican nomination so they are doing everything they can to sink the candidate who their fellow Republicans did select.

99% of those who are bitterly angry about this ACTUAL JEWISH CONSPIRACY (like me) are not the least bit anti-semitic. We are just bitterly angry at stinking pile of rotten scumbag trash who make up this ACTUAL JEWISH CONSPIRACY.

NeverTrump Jews need to stop lying to themselves that the anger at their betrayal of American conservatism is anti-semitic. It is anger at their betrayal of American conservatism.

* Israel is the Jewish “Safe Space”. Instead of clutching pearls and fainting, go there.

* Vox Day: Most people are ruled entirely by emotions and their behavior falls into predictable historical patterns. The USA has not yet reached the point of Europe, but the pattern that is unfolding is very clear. One ignores such things at one’s peril.

But when Netanyahu’s successor’s successor repeats Netanyahu’s call to the Jews in France, the Jews in America would do well to listen. The sojourn in America is likely to be considerably shorter than the one in Europe.

* The problem with Jews is the same problem with Muslims today. Originally there were very few Muslims, and they were secular, educated, and assimilated. Now they are actively hostile. The Jewish Apartheid was happening during the attempts at integration in the 1960’s – they advocated cross-town school busing but themselves moved across the city borders to prevent their children from being bussed for an hour each way to a black school, and as one talk show host said at the time “Jews just like to live together”.

The problem with the social engineering and experimentation of the liberal Jews is it created a virtue-signal insult resistant neo-nazi.

* Even among kinship groups, the “how” kinships are expressed makes a great deal of difference. “Trust: The Social Virtues and The Creation of Prosperity” by Francis Fukuyama has some very clear examples of the differences between Chinese, Korean and Japanese societies, which are superficially similar but small changes in ow kinship is expressed make for very big changes in how business, society and wealth creation takes place.

This is also an interesting idea when you consider Americans are actually a kinship group of their own. In “Who Are We?”, Samuel Huntington identifies the wave of settlers who created America can actually be traced to British Protestant Dissenters, and indeed from a small region in Britain.

Consider that Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders are all also nations founded and settled by the British, from different groups at different times and places, and these nations never evolved the political and social structures of the American people. Speaking as a Canadian, *we* really are different from the Americans, and many Americans who have interacted with Canadians, Australians and so on will probably agree there are many subtle but important differences in how we interact amongst and between ourselves.

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