Chrissie Hynde – Nazi?

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* While PeTA is not a ‘nazi’ organization, there are certainly parallels between the esoteric aspects of National Socialism and the animal rights movement, both of which reference the Vedic Hindu traditions and doctrines. Hitler himself was a vegetarian, and so were many other Party leaders.

Savitri Devi was a Greek authoress who renamed herself after Hindu doctrines and was both an influence on and enthusiast of national Socialism, both during the NSDP years in Germany and in the latter day segments of WP/WN activity styling themselves “National Socialist”. Savitri was a delegate to the Cotswold conference of 1962, which codified in the postwar world what a Nazi was and what it was not, and a signatory.

Reading interviews with Chrissie Hynde (a board member of PETA) where she discusses the Bhagavad Gita and her very emotional and intense commitment to vegetarianism, and her disdain for carnivorous humans (but not other carnivorous species) , she echoes what Devi said almost word for word. Hynde is not stupid, and I find it difficult to believe she is ignorant of Devi and her writings. No one has ever asked her about it, though.

* Much as I dislike admitting it, lots of folks, including myself, are sufficiently okay with our crappy and corrupt representative governments and our secular consumer culture that Evola’s notions, such as I remember them, seem a fantasy.

* Twentieth-century Traditionalist thinkers often came from a background of occultism or esotericism, especially from Mme. Blavatsky’s Theosophy, and from the fringes of Freemasonry. The esoteric aspect is shown in their emphasis on initiation. Probably the principal Traditionalist is René Guénon; more recent exponents include Ananda Coomaraswamy and Sayyed Hossein Nasr. Julius Evola is also a Traditionalist of this type. He had been a follower of Guénon, but came to differ from him on a number of points.

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Fight Break out in South African Parliament Between EFF and Security (Video)

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* What you might see as an indecorous, comic display of disorder in the South African parliament, was in fact an effective ritual which partly satisfied all ‘stakeholders’ without inflicting serious injury on anyone, or destroying property.

The Speaker allowed members of the EFF to fulminate for an hour, while the President waited patiently to begin his speech. Considering that they had had long enough to say their piece, she called in unarmed security to evict them, which they did, both parties displaying the right amount of pushing and shoving to save face. Disorderly demonstrations in America are not generally solved in this ritualistic give-and-take way.

As for the notorious sign language speaker: he should have been awarded a medal- his gobbledegook was definitely a cut above politicians’ all too comprehensible bullshit.

* When the FT’s Africa correspondent David Piling interviewed a young, rising South African politician, the restaurant bill surprised him, because he was charged for the meals of several party members eating at different tables. Same thing happened when he interviewed the president of Liberia

* The other day a Georgetown professor named Jonathan Brown, who appears to be a white Muslim convert, gave a lecture supporting slavery, including sexual abuse and sex slavery (when done by Muslims, of course). Various people are starting to get outraged, but of course 1/1 trillionth as outraged as if a non-Muslims had said something positive about sex slavery on a college campus.

* It takes a village! Usually one has to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s for this sort of thing, but evidently the South Africans have had the vision and spirit to nationalize it. Good for them!

* Everything the most doctrinaire Broederbond member said would happen if apartheid was dismantled has come to pass. Shocker, no?

* Up until about 1990 or so South Africa was a first world country with rule of law and a booming economy. They even had the Bomb. Now it’s all been swept away. (The Bomb too, thank God!)

* The African Blacks would be better off learning how to farm the land they confiscated from the White settlers who successfully built them. Furthermore successful self governance takes intelligence and grit, two of the rarest commodities in Africa.

* Into the 1980s, lots of respected authorities, including the Royal Geographical Society, expected that South Africa would soon be partitioned along racial lines. The vast bulk of Cape Province would be a white homeland – and probably for Cape Coloureds as well.
The reasons why this never happened has never been fully explained. You would have thought at least some Government members would have favoured and supported this option.
In the event, de Klerk et al threw in the towel. Even the 1992 referendum was highly dishonest. “Do you support continuation of the reform process which the State President began on 2 February 1990 and which is aimed at a new Constitution through negotiation.”
Most White Voters fully expected a further referendum once negotiations were complete , quite naturally. It never happened. As I say, the full story of this squalid episode is unwritten.
I shouldn’t need to warn Europeans and North Americans that similar things might happen to them if they’re not careful.

* South Africa has never been a first world country. Though it is true that economic growth was far better pre 1990, despite being a pariah state subject to sanctions.

I’ve been in SA since 1993, I also spend alot of time in the UK, so my persepctive is less than entirely parochial. I even got to vote in the fist all race elections in April 94 – permanent residents were granted the vote.

SA is a weird hybrid of first and third World. It was in 1990 and it still is now. The problems SA has now – mainly stemming from low economic growth – follow on from rampant cronyism, government corruption, over manning, draconian legally mandated affirmative action, which ends up being mandated incompetence. Dealing with this can make one loose the will to live.

There is also much white talent flight – mostly heading to the rest of the Anglosphere – they don’t call it Perthfontein for nothing.

Despite all this, SA is easily one of the best tourist destinations in the World and tremendous value – it’s a stunning, amazingly varied place. But one must never forget…. TIA – this is Africa!

There are a few signs of hope amid the gloom. The Western Cape – in which Cape Town is located, is governed reasonably competently by the DA – Democratic Alliance, who have after recent elections won municipalities in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

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The Lazy River Has Never Been Lazier

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* South Park did an episode with the boys going to a water park and it being swamped with minorities, to Cartman’s horror. The B-plot consisted of Kyle’s disgust with with the percentage of pee in the pool.

The two plots converged when the percentage of pee in the pool reached a critical mass and the water park, I guess, “erupted” causing total disaster. Percentage of pee was clearly a metaphor for the percentage of non-Whites in America (but of course I would interpret it that way).

Here’s a great song with Cartman asking God to get all the minorities out of his water park:

“The lazy river has never been lazier.”

* Even in the best of times, infrastructure isn’t sexy and doesn’t attract much in the way of funding or attention compared to say protecting illegals, high speed trains and promoting sexual deviancy. It’s not surprising in the least that’s treated politically and funding wise as the red headed step child.

We should consider ourselves lucky that the old school Democrats placed so much emphasis on public works and putting people back to work. At least we got something for our money. Imagine what the country would have looked like if today’s Democrats were running the shop back then. They’re would be no public works, roads, schools, etc. Just hand outs to perverts, feminazis and moochers.

* Non-engineer politicians kick the maintenance can down the road over, and over, and over, hoping that the catastrophic failure does not happen on their watch. They get pretty much zero points for putting $$$ into maintenance and of course the expenditures can be huge and detract from more visible things being demanded and for which they will get political points. When the SHTF, all the former officials and leaders are long gone. No one politician is going to be blamed and in fact there may be good photo ops to cry, show that they care, and then milk the taxpayer for multi-millions in disaster relief because we are not heartless and it would be wrong to not do so. “What else is government for?” as a liberal friend of mine once asked. They might even milk the taxpayer for huge and questionable post-disaster repairs ($18B for post-Katrina work a good investment? I am sure there were no inflated cost estimates in all contracts and every $$ was accounted for… Louisiana…..). It also would be heartless to insist that people who decide to live in risky zones like floodplains have adequate insurance policies.

* I’m here to tell you that the pothole problem in Silicon Valley, due to all the recent rain, became extreme nearly overnight. Lots of tires being wiped out. I went by one large pot-hole a few weeks ago that had 5 cars off to the side with flats. I had 2 tires shot, not from any one big pothole, but just lots of long unavoidable ruts of small potholes. They really should pay me to drive on roads that are physically this bad.

I’ve heard that water damage might be more expensive to fix than the results of the big Loma Prieta quake.

California is way behind on its basic physical infrastructure.

Meanwhile, California politics is no doubt concentrating on sanctuary cities and ways around US immigration laws. And, oh, yeah, high speed rail that will move lots of immigrants cheaply north into California real estate developers projects.

* But we did, apparently, have enough taxpayer money to start giving food stamps to noncitizens, giving cash assistance to aged, blind or disabled noncitizens, as well as free strollers and car seats and bicycle helmets to legal and illegal aliens for their many, many children.

It’s a great feeling to know that we paid for our own stroller and groceries AND paid for the stroller and groceries of the often nonworking noncitizens in front of us on line.

* Occam’s Razor says import half of Mexico, get Mexico’s Infrastructure. This is not an isolated event. Rolling Blackouts are common now in SoCal, we had three last Summer. This never used to happen, SoCal native and growing up the power was ALWAYS on.

California has a Mexican Government and Legislature. Pretty much all the Legislative leaders are Mexican, some notably commenting that half their family would be deported if Trump follows through on deporting illegal aliens who have committed felonies. Like Identity Theft. The next Governor is almost certainly going to be Mexican. Mexicans not only are … Mexican, which means they have emotional, familial, and national attachments to Mexico and treat the US as a garbage dump, boarding house, and free stuff pantry, with zero, zilch, nada emotional and national ties to the US. It also means they have little accumulated wealth, human intellectual capital, or anything else to create or maintain expensive, high-maintenance infrastructure.

The Golden Gate Bridge, for example, needs constant painting and inspection. That job never stops. Dams are no different and without expensive, constantly upgraded and repaired infrastructure like dams, power lines, bridges, freeways, rail lines, port facilities, aqueducts, and the like the ability to support 35 Mexicans is nil. Most of LA’s water and power is imported. Soon the California Aqueduct will fail just like Oroville Dam, or the current hodge-podge of creaking transmission lines taking power from as far away as Arizona and Utah. [Las Vegas will fare no better.]

Lesson — living in a First World country is very expensive, having power always on, a secure supply of clean water, treating your sewage, and having a good medical care system from urgent care to first class hospitals requires both money and high IQ manpower. Neither of which are to be found in any quantity in the Third World, regardless if they are in Mexico or the US.

Unfortunately we are in the midst of a Class/Ethnic War, Puritans vs. Rednecks, and that won’t end well.

* Trump should tweet that he will fix this Oroville Dam to help MAGA.

But to relieve the pressure on California’s water system, he is issuing an executive order baring any immigration to California. But since immigrants are free to move within the United States, he’s extending the immigration ban, nationwide.

And to further lighten the load on California, he’s immediately ordering mandatory E-verify for California businesses, and ordering Homeland Security to go all out on workplace enforcement raids, with any illegal aliens found by either measure, immediately deported.

These measures will lighten the population and resource consumption load on California’s neglected infrastructure and give all Californians a better quality of life.

* The lack of TV coverage plus massive evacuation gives it the feel of a movie thriller cover story, as in Godzilla invasion or zombie-virus or Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

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Leanne’s Story – A Black Girl’s Journey To Judaism

I chatted with Leanne via a Youtube hangout this afternoon.

WARNING: The sound quality is poor.

Leanne grew up in the Church of England in north-west London near Gulders Green. Around age 13, she became fascinated by Jews and started talking to a Jewish neighbor about tzitzit and Jewish rituals and beliefs and then she would research things further online.

At age 16, she emailed the Beit Din in charge of Orthodox conversions. They told her to contact them when she was 18.

At age 18, studying Hebrew at university, she contacted them again and they told her they don’t accept university students into the conversion program.

The London Beit Din is known as about the toughest in the world to get through.

So Leanne has gone the Masorti route and so far has had a great experience.

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Why Pilots Should Be Men

Washington Post:

Passengers reportedly fled a flight before it could take off on Saturday — after a United Airlines pilot went on a bizarre rant over the intercom.

In a ball cap and casual shirt, the pilot remarked on her appearance after she boarded the flight at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in the late afternoon, passenger Randy Reiss wrote on Twitter.

Edmund Connelly writes:

Think about the last time you walked through an American airport, particularly one that is heavily domestic. Who were the pilots in uniform you saw strolling down the corridors pulling their leather flight bags?

I’ll wager the vast majority were White males. That would make sense, since unlike most other professions today, piloting airplanes in America has remained in the vicinity of 95% White male. This must gall liberals, social engineers, and other SJW’s, for these groups dream of a world of equality, that is, one in which White males are purged, eliminated, or at least relegated to humiliating positions of impotence.

And last year, comes the one hundred percent traditional film Sully (also called Sully: Miracle on the Hudson in some markets; see here for the official trailer). This movie flies in the face of endless promotion of non-White diversity and “vibrancy,” it goes against all that Hillary and her vast entourage represented, and it supports the reality that it is White males who built the public manifestations of Western civilization and to a large degree keep it going.

Directed by Clint Eastwood, who is in his mid-eighties, this film is a story of White America through and through. Sully is played by “Everyman” actor Tom Hanks, the first officer is played by Aaron Eckhart, and most of the supporting cast is White as well. Best of all, this is a story of uninterrupted heroism, as the two White pilots make split-second decisions that result in the survival of all 155 people aboard the plane that cold January day.

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