ESPN: Carmelo Anthony Bringing social discourse back into the conversation

J.A. Adande writes:


For Anthony, there is no trace the steps of his journey, no indication of where he learned what, or when. He can’t even pinpoint what pressed him into action in the early hours of July 8, when he awoke from a fitful sleep and began composing an Instagram post. All he knows is that after the darkest side of America took the lives of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and five Dallas police officers, “It was too much.”

So Anthony posted a picture of the famous athletes’ summit featuring Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and let his thoughts flow.

“I just started typing,” Anthony said.

He enlisted his fellow athletes to call for systemic changes, to apply pressure to politicians, to make demands. They were just words on a screen. But typing is an action. Self-expression is an action. We know this because the laws of physics saw actions bring about reactions, and look at the ripple effects since Anthony’s Instagram post hit.

Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James led off the ESPY broadcast with another call to action. WNBA players wore protest warmup shirts, used their postgame interviews to address only Black Lives Matter-related topics, then held firm and forced the league to rescind its fines for their violations of uniform policies.

ESPN does not mention any of the following from Wikipedia:

In 2004, Anthony was cited for marijuana possession, after inspectors at Denver International Airport found marijuana in his backpack. Charges were later dropped after Anthony’s friend, James Cunningham, of St. Louis, signed an affidavit taking responsibility for the marijuana.[174] That same year, Anthony appeared in a video entitled, Stop Snitchin’, which warned that residents of Baltimore who collaborated with the police would face violence.[175][176] Anthony later distanced himself from this video.[177] In 2006, Anthony’s friend, Tyler Brandon Smith, was pulled over in Anthony’s vehicle and cited for marijuana possession and three traffic violations.[174] Later that year, he was involved in the infamous Knicks–Nuggets brawl during a game at Madison Square Garden.[178] He was suspended 15 games as a result.[59]

On April 14, 2008, Anthony was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, after being pulled over on southbound Interstate 25 at 20th Street in Denver for weaving through lanes and not dimming his lights.[179] Police spokesperson Detective Sharon Hahn said Anthony, who was alone in the car, failed a series of sobriety tests. He was ticketed and then released at police headquarters to a “sober responsible party.”[179] A court date was set for May 14. The Nuggets suspended Anthony for two games due to the arrest. On June 24, 2008, Anthony pleaded guilty to a charge of driving while ability-impaired. The original sentence of driving while under the influence was dropped, and he was subsequently sentenced to one year of probation, 24 hours of community service and US$1,000 in court costs and fines.

The NBA Star and the Drug Dealer “stop snitchin'”

From Wikipedia:

The Stop Snitchin’ campaign first gained national attention in late 2004 in Baltimore, Maryland, when a DVD released by Rodney Bethea[2] titled “Stop Snitching!” began to circulate. However, the slogan “Stop Snitchin’” and many other variations have existed in the United States long before the campaign became popular.

In some footage, a number of men claiming to be drug dealers address the camera, and threaten violence against anyone who reports what they know about their crimes to the authorities. This threat is directed especially towards those who inform on others to get a lighter sentence for their own crimes. NBA star Carmelo Anthony briefly appeared in the video.[3] In subsequent interviews, Anthony claimed that his appearance in the video was a joke, the product of his neighborhood friends making a home movie.[4] Anthony claims that the film’s message should not be taken seriously.[5]

As the DVD spread across the country, corresponding shirts became popular in urban youth fashion. The shirts typically show a stop sign emblazoned with the words “Stop Snitchin’.” Some shirts bear bullet holes, implying that snitches should (or will) be shot, thus referencing its associated catchphrase “snitches get stitches”. The shirts have been more widely circulated than the original DVD.[citation needed]

The Diplomats, a Harlem-based rap group, made their own version of the Stop Snitchin’ shirts, with their logo on the end of the short sleeves. Another such shirt says “I’ll never Tell”. A new breed of shirts appeared for sale in flea markets and bazaars in south Dallas, Texas, in mid-2010. The new shirts extolled the benefits of “keeping yo’ mouth shut” in regards to a trial involving one “Fifi/Lisa” and one “Baldy/Red”. Further details of the trial, including a list of various charges set forth on the couple, are listed on the back of the shirt.

The video’s creator, Rodney Thomas, a.k.a. “Skinny Suge”, pleaded guilty to first-degree assault on January 17, 2006, in Baltimore and was sentenced to 15 years in prison, with all but three years suspended.[2]

National examples of violence due to “snitching” include Angela Dawson of Baltimore, who was killed along with her five children and husband on October 16, 2002, when their house was firebombed after she alerted police to illegal activities in her neighborhood.[6] Another example is Michael Brewer of Deerfield Beach, Florida, a 15-year-old who, in October 2009, was doused in rubbing alcohol and set on fire after assailants yelled, “He’s a snitch, he’s a snitch.”

NEWS from 2004:

Carmelo Anthony Featured In Drug Video
Nuggets Star Says He Threw Olympic Medal In Lake

Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony is featured in an underground DVD that is circulating in his home town of Baltimore, Md.
Carmelo Anthony appears in a DVD called “Stop Snitching” with a self-confessed drug dealer.

The DVD is called “Stop Snitching” and shows alleged drug dealers talking about what happens to people who cooperate with the police, and Anthony is standing next to one of them.

He is also seen on the DVD talking about his Olympic bronze medal and saying that he threw it in a lake. The man he stands next to later goes on to tell how he would take care of snitches by “putting a hole in their head.” However, Anthony does not appear to be taking part in that portion of the discussion.

The DVD showed up for sale for $10 within the last week on Baltimore’s streets. The production includes music, dancing and spoken messages, with clips showing men stuffing wads of cash into their pockets, driving in convertibles, smoking marijuana and flashing diamond-encrusted watches.

In one segment, Anthony stands on a street, wearing a red shirt and baseball hat and laughing while another man talks about life on the street, snitches and the NBA. Anthony, 20, doesn’t respond to any of the comments about violence, except to laugh. The credits of the DVD include a special thanks to “Melo,” Anthony’s nickname.

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NYT: TV Comedians Worried Nothing Amusing Will Happen at DNC

Steve Sailer writes: I suspect that the rise of Trump has something to do with the self-inflicted Humor Drought of the Obama Era.

I always come back to the test case that the President lives with his mother-in-law, and yet, last I checked a few years ago, I couldn’t find a single joke about that on Google.


* I love the “he’s too streamlined to mock” thing.


Has a wookie for a wife who is clearly angrier than he is
Has an imaginary son named Trayvon
Talks like Steve Urkel
Has jug ears and purple lips
Has made numerous racial blunders in his haste to overcompensate because not black enough
Got whupped in an election by some local Chicago black pol
Is the focus of hilarious levels of wishful thinking and worship from DWLs (preemptive Nobel Prize)
Has a habit of being unquotable
Clearly leans on teleprompters
Has been driven into fits of stuttering by Trump of late
Is the first black president, was raised in Indonesia and Hawaii by white people, and has no slave ancestors
Threw his granny under the bus
Actually said out loud that he’s always the smartest guy in the room, knows more about any given field than his experts in said field
Is “black” but hilariously un-athletic (baseball pitch, judo cringe)
Bows to every non-white head of state he possibly can

There you go “comedians,” no charge.

* The DNC might turn out to be a humorless affair, but Obama gave me a good chuckle when he ended a sentence with the opposite pronoun from what I was expecting: “I think the kinds of rhetoric that we’ve heard too often, from Mr. Trump and others, is ultimately helping do ISIL’s work for us”.

* One woman couldn’t go to the Democratic National Convention because after a long day of drinking she shot her husband in the neck. That’s a little strange. What’s really strange is, that woman is not Hillary Clinton.

Remember at the 2008 convention, Obama stood in front of all those fake columns that served no purpose besides making him look good? The email leak from the DNC shows that the papers have been full of the same thing ever since.

The DNC is claiming the leaked emails are proof there’s a sinister conspiracy between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. Apparently from the DNC’s perspective, former KGB officers are “Right Wing”.

The DNC is suggesting Russia is an adversary of the United States. The 1980s tried to call and ask for their foreign policy back, but Hillary was extremely careless and wiped the message. Like with a cloth.

So far in the convention, delegates have booed Rep Marcia Fudge and Rev Cynthia Hale, practically driven Debbie Wasserman Schultz out of town, and demanded Hillary Clinton be locked up. Looks like the War on Women is over, and women lost.

In other Democratic news, Secretary of State John Kerry compared ISIS to air conditioners, in the sense that the Obama administration is committed to letting large numbers of each enter America.

And wouldn’t it be great if the terrorists had the same concept of what would hurt us as the Democrats? Then angry Muslims would do things like run into a shopping mall and adjust the thermostat down. Slightly. Or charge into a crowd of people and address the whole group as “you guys”. Or hang out by rest room doors and make sure men used the men’s room. Instead of _murdering lots of people_.

Interesting speakers at the DNC. Monday night, there’s a woman whose bio says both of her parents are in the country illegally and “live in fear of deportation”. I guess they’re what they call “in the shadows”, which isn’t surprising, because of all the lights focused on their daughter as she gives a speech in front of thousands of people that is broadcast nationally by all the tv networks.

That woman’s bio mentions her parents – specifically, it says “her parents, including her mother, Francesca”. I think it’s nice that there’s still a place in the Democratic Party for a person old-fashioned enough to have just the one mother.

It’s kind of strange that a woman speaking at the DNC will get up and say that both of her parents have been breaking federal law continuously for many years. What’s really strange is, that woman is not Chelsea Clinton.

Yeah, I don’t see any potential for humor here at all.

* “Hillary’s campaign is now accusing Vladimir Putin of trying to rig the election… by leaking that they rigged the election.”

Well put. If Trump were clever, he would steal that line and use it as his own. Not his style, however. He’s a very funny guy, but his humor does not rely on word play so much.

* They probably had a slew of these jokes in the can for safe keeping if Obama ever left the reservation and went centrist. I’m betting Jim Downey had a few sketches written for SNL by the end of the first hundred days.

But Obama has been a reliable totalitarian commie for eight years, ginning up racial violence, increasing crime, obliterating the entire mideast, rewriting the law with executive orders, blaming whitey, and imposing nationalized healthcare via fiat. Therefore, the Left had no reason to release the hounds.

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Can Evolution Be Fast?

Comment: NYT article on very recent evolution of animals living in urban environments.

These kinds of articles always start with “We used to think evolution was very slow.”

Why did we ever believe this? We’ve seen many dog breeds develop in a very short period of time, humans domesticate crops, etc. Going from a fish to an elephant probably would take a very long time, but not a shift in the bell curve of one species on a specific trait.

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Democratic Convention Thread

Comments at Steve Sailer:

Nice to see YouTube favorite, “Frankie,” deliver the opening speech at the convention. He’s come a long way from delivering weather reports:

* Danell Malloy tells us of “a boy who was retarded until well into the 4th grade,” then thru perseverance became governor of the state of Connecticut.

Doesn’t being a liberal democrat mean you already have the retard vote?

So, why would you spend time sharing an anecdote about
a retar… oh.

* He also claimed to be discriminated against in the classroom. For what? Having dyslexia, I guess. But he said it in an ambiguous enough way that it seemed he wanted people to think racial or ethnic discrimination. For being an Irish dude with a tan? Ok.

He got confused a few times during his speech.

Also, someone should keep a tally of how many times someone at the DNC speaks in Spanish. I’ve only caught about 20 minutes and it’s 5 or 6 times already.

* If you’re a recovering alcoholic, and someone suggests “the drinking game” during the DNC, quickly suggest downing a shot every time a thin black woman takes the stage, and thank me later.

* Sort of Brown Congresswoman Sanchez declares of the Hispanic Caucus:

“We are a diverse Caucus!”

Then shows a movie, “What are Latino Congressmen Fighting For?”

I guess they’re fighting for a Mexican-style political model: batshit crazy, solidly reliant on the stupid.

* Or a skit about the Dems trying and failing to build the wall, because “who will pay for it,” “walls don’t work,” “we should build a bridge instead,” etc. Or just general lefty dysfunction: the black guy is too busy spray-painting it with graffiti and getting thrown up against it by white cops, the homo is too busy obsessing over the aesthetic possibilities, the Mexican guy is measuring it for the ladder he’s building, the Palestinian is already digging a tunnel underneath it, the Chinese guy is saying it’ll never hold back the Mongols, etc.


* Speakers thus far have been : a recovering alcoholic,a mentally retarded man, a mother of a drug addict, and an illegal alien. Your DNC Folks.

* #TimKaine promises bill to legalize illegal immigrants in ‘first 100 days’:

* Brilliant solution. Make all the illegal aliens US citizens. Now there are no more illegal aliens. Or America.

* I’ve watched 10 minutes of #DNCinPHL and so far it’s basically hispanics flaunting their illegal status and screaming at Trump.

* Unbelievable. I’m at the Dem convention and they’re making us watch the lady ghostbusters film. They’ve locked the doors.

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Japan Stabbing Horror

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