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Acting White

From DennisPrager.com: Thursday, December 09, 2010 Radio Show H1: One Puff Prager H1: The Surgeon General contends that inhaling a single puff of cigarette smoke, even second-hand, can kill you… We have all the energy we need right here in … Continue reading

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Where’s The Jewish Richard John Neuhaus?

Rabbi Gil Student nominates Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. I agree that R. Sacks is eloquent, but he does lead anybody? Does he influence thought? Does he lead intellectual change? I don’t think so. He’s a silver-tongued spokesman for the British … Continue reading

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Father Richard John Neuhaus Croaked

Evan Gahr emails: He expired today.  He was such an apologist for Christian anti-Semitism that I told people jokingly he was the author of Kristalnot: Why Kristalnacht was anti-Shopkeeper not anti-Semitic. Marty Peretz laughed really loud when I told him … Continue reading

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