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Jewish Law Vs Islamic Law Vs Christian Law

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager says: Sharia is Islamic religious law. Jews have an analogue — halakha. Christianity does not have an all-embracing law that governs everything you do. There was a time in Jewish history when Jews … Continue reading

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Should We Change Jewish Law?

A convert to Orthodox Judaism, Orthodox rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo writes: I teach Jewish Philosophy. I am confronted daily with countless young Jews who search for an authentic Jewish religious way of life, but are unable to find spiritual satisfaction … Continue reading

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Agunah Hysteria?

Gadi Pickholz (of the Israel Fathers Rights Advocacy Council) emails: Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, Chairman of the Rabbinical Batei Din of Israel (official government Batei Din) contradicts assertions of Aguna hysteria and absurdly inflated numbers of claimed Agunot, as well … Continue reading

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Who Is A Jew?

From Hirhurim: Israel displays ancient coins: link Boxer studying to be a rabbi: link When is a rabbi not a rabbi?: link 1890s style back in fashion: link Protests expected against Intel’s opening its Jerusalem office on Shabbos: link The … Continue reading

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