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Reason & Religion

Jeff emails: The Litvaks were not more “rational” than the Chassidim, in fact, the Gra and R. Haim were major league Kabbalists, the Gra wrote more on Kabbala than he did on Talmud, and we have R. Haim Brisker’s kavvanot … Continue reading

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Dennis Prager’s Autobiography

In his January 2002 lecture “Personal Autobiography”, Dennis Prager says: “I can’t say that my childhood was particularly happy. I didn’t like school. My parents were not happy that I didn’t like school. I got thrown out of class so … Continue reading

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Did The Rambam Abandon His Principles As Quickly As I Abandoned My Morals?

The Rambam produced his 13 essential principles of the Jewish faith when he was a young man. And then he never mentioned them again. That’s why Rabbi Shlomo Goren held that the Rambam abandoned his 13 essential principles. If he … Continue reading

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Naming Sources

David writes on Hirhurim: "Maybe the Rambam had a stronger basis on which to be ‘somech’ his methodology of not naming sources, i.e. from Moshe Rabbenu himself. After all, at the beginning of Devari-im when Moshe starts his review of … Continue reading

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Rashi Could Do Things We Can’t

Lawrence Kaplan writes on Hirhurim: "If I understand the end of Rabbi Slifkin’s article correctly, he was seriously saying that Rashi was allowed to say that God is a body while we are not, and he understood full well the … Continue reading

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