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Lofty First Amendment Ideas

In writing class today, I was challenged to draw what I was thinking about. I produced this: And then I had to write about it. My title is: “Tiger on the Loose” I love Hollywood. I love being on set. … Continue reading

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Nasty Flu

I got sick last Sunday, the second day of Rosh Hashanah, and came home after just an hour at shul, barely enough time to daven and look at the pretty girls. I spent the next three days in bed and … Continue reading

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The Uninvited

"You should call your memoir ‘The Uninvited’," his therapist had said. That came back to him early Friday morning as he tossed and turned on his bed by the toilet. Oy, the shame! He’d signed up August 15 for the … Continue reading

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Dennis Prager Likes ABBA

Dennis loved the Eurovision music contest and spent an hour on YouTube watching the songs and the pretty girls performing in them. On his second hour of his radio show today, Dennis saidto his producer Allan Estein and his tech … Continue reading

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