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Women, Ditch The Pantsuits!

I agree with Robert J. Avrech here. I’ve never seen a woman’s figure flattered by a pantsuit. Robert blogs: Pants Suits. Ladies, if I may. Heidi Klum looks okay in a pants suit. But she’s got no hips, no bosom … Continue reading

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Modern Love

Bob Armstrong emails: Luke:   Been a long time, but Modern Love did the trick. Here’s my take:   In his e-mail to you, David said he was “kind of taken aback by your bitterness” regarding Amy Klein’s Modern Love … Continue reading

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Why Hillary Lost

Joe emails: The hard left did not want her. For reasons that she is sane and not part of the bush derangement syndrome and does not call for radical change and she voted for the war. But that is just … Continue reading

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