Women, Ditch The Pantsuits!

I agree with Robert J. Avrech here. I’ve never seen a woman’s figure flattered by a pantsuit.

Robert blogs:

Pants Suits.

Ladies, if I may. Heidi Klum looks okay in a pants suit. But she’s got no hips, no bosom and legs that go on forever. She can get away with it. Sorta.

Marlene Dietrich looks, um, exotic in a men’s tux. But then she was bisexual so the vibe fits. Sorta.

But normal women with normal bodies—hip, thigh, and bosom—look, um, not so great.

Republican women are at their best best in skirts and dresses. Y’know, feminine attire.

Look, I’ve been working in the film business for over twenty-five years and in all that time I have never heard a costume designer suggest we put an actress in a pants suit because it’s glamorous, flattering or slimming. Usually they do it to make the actress look tough and masculine. In short: butch.

So. Leave the pants suits to Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who look remarkably like West Hollywood female impersonators.

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