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Pico-Robertson In The 1960s

It was populated with faux yeshivas to get Orthodox Jews out of the Vietnam draft. By 1980, there were only two Orthodox synagogues in the community — Young Israel of South Beverly Hills and Beth Jacob. There wasn’t a kosher … Continue reading

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Shmuel Herzfeld – A Gay-Friendly Orthodox Rabbi

James Kirchick writes: Unlike most Orthodox synagogues, some of those congregants at Ohev Sholom are gay and don’t feel pressured into keeping that fact a secret with their rabbi or fellow worshipers. This is of course in large part attributable … Continue reading

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She Calls Herself Rabbi

The Jewish Week’s Elicia Brown reports: As an egalitarian Jewish woman and a chronicler of the Orthodox feminist movement, I would have been thrilled if the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale’s Rabbi Weiss had ordained Hurwitz as a rabbi (as rumors … Continue reading

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Kiddish Clubs & Jewish Drunkeness

Lisa Miller writes for Newsweek: It was a Saturday afternoon in July, and according to the police report, the young man was driving drunk. So drunk, in fact, that he drove into the oncoming lane, rolled his car, crashed into … Continue reading

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Partisan Rabbi Claims To Be Impartial Investigator Of Agricprocessors

Failed Messiah reports: The co-leader of the rabbis’ staged visit to Agriprocessors, Rabbi Lerner claimed to be an impartial invesigator. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve shown that before. Here’s some new evidence of Lerner’s bias. … Continue reading

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