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Judaism’s Views On Modesty

Rabbi Dov Linzer of writes in the New York Times: “IS it possible for a religious demand for modesty to be about anything other than men controlling women’s bodies? From recent events in Israel, it would certainly seem that it … Continue reading

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Religious Vs Secular In Israel

The WSJ reports: As the Orthodox seek jobs and housing in other areas, they are increasingly interacting with mainstream Israelis who see their strict code of religious practice to be coercive, and a threat to Israel’s democracy. “It’s a slippery … Continue reading

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Does Orthodox Judaism Subjugate Women?

Tamara is a 20-something third year law student. She writes a dating blog for the Jewish Journal called Tattletales. Watch our complete interview. Tamara went to Adat Ariel Conservative Jewish day school through sixth grade and graduated from Calabassas High … Continue reading

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