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Don’t Talk Business In Front Of The Wife

Jane* emails: “My neighbor is an orthodox Jew (I’m Jewish as well, though not as religious) and he told me that his beliefs prohibited him from “talking business in front of [his] wife.” Knowing some strong and financial astute Orthodox … Continue reading

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Jewish Wigs For Women

It is nice to get some MSM coverage of Orthodox Jewish life that isn’t sneering. From the LAT: Sheitels are the wigs that married Orthodox Jewish women of the most devout, or Hasidic, communities wear in public. It would be … Continue reading

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Buy The Sarah Palin Look

From the Forward: America’s most controversial hockey mom has inspired a new item made for religious women that probably isn’t sold up there in Alaska, gosh darn it! The “Sarah Palin Wig,” based on the hairstyle of the Last Frontier … Continue reading

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US presidents wearing Kippahs

Shmuel Tennenhaus created this a pictorial gallery of US presidents wearing Kippahs. Shmuel blogs: I am starting to think that Sarah Palin has all the symptoms of being an Orthodox Jewess: 1- She has five kids already, And possibly more … Continue reading

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