US presidents wearing Kippahs

Shmuel Tennenhaus created this a pictorial gallery of US presidents wearing Kippahs.

Shmuel blogs:

I am starting to think that Sarah Palin has all the symptoms of being an Orthodox Jewess:

1- She has five kids already, And possibly more to come.

2- She has a pregnant teenage daughter

3- She enjoys moose hunting; a favorite pastime for Orthodox Jewish women

4- The name of her future son-in-law is Levi

5- She bears an uncanny resemblance to Yentel; taking on the establishment and being unafraid of the males in charge


6- The name of her youngest child is Trig; the second most popular male name for babies born in Hasidic communities; wedged between Mendy and Yolie.

7- The stylish pile-on hair style, seems like something straight from Yaffa Wigs

8- Palin gets French style pedicures. Need I say more?

9- She fired the chef in the governors mansion. No Orthodox Jewish woman wants another cook messing in her kitchen…

10- Her husband Tom is part of a Union. And union rhymes with Minyan.

Here is the Cindy McCippah. Here is the Michelle Obamica. The Sarah Palin Lipstick Yarmulke. A couple of weeks ago, a group of rabbis came together and created a group called Rabbis for Obama. Now there’s Rabies For Obama.

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