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Tabloid Baby Shut Out Of Pulitzers

Burt Kearns and company write: "We’d say old Sig Gissler and his Pulitzer cronies are simply elitist, liberal j-school snobs who turn up their noses at a news organization that contains the word "tabloid"– until we take another look and … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t Newspapers Doing Adsense Right?

The Los Angeles Times, for instance, could multiply their Adsense earnings by five or ten times if they simply did it the same way I do, blending the ads with the content (not setting them off in different colors, shadings, … Continue reading

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Painful Truths About Molestation

Baltimore Jewish Times publisher Andrew A. Buerger writes March 21, 2008: Some Catholic archdioceses even filed for bankruptcy when facing similar lawsuits. Despite having had some employees ruin children’s lives, the Catholic Church’s lobbying arm has waged an ugly campaign … Continue reading

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