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My Happy Hovel

1997: 2011: Chaim Amalek emails: “I think the way to make money in California these days is to sell medicinal marijuana. It’s legal, and I’ll bet AT types (students) occasionally find themselves in need of some medicinal marijuana. What does … Continue reading

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Three Iranian Jews Shot Dead In LA Thursday Night

Bernard Khalili has a long criminal history. The Los Angeles Times reports: A triple murder late Thursday night inside a West Hollywood apartment building may be tied to a robbery attempt. The victims were identified as Pirooz Moussazadeh HY”D, 27; … Continue reading

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Orthodox In-Fighting

Joe emails: The infighting among Orthodox shuls in L.A. is really an embarrassment. Young Israel of North Beverly Hills is a total train wreck and a textbook example of what happens when ego is mixed with money and control issues. … Continue reading

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The Klinik

Here’s a new documentary from Burt Kearns and his business partner Brett Hudson: “I don’t want to make a film that says the American way is bad or doesn’t work. Doctors here do great things.  They do save lives. “I … Continue reading

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