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Kundalini & Judaism

Myron emails: Hi Luke, I read your blog about Kundalini and Judaism. I too practice Kundalini Yoga (since February 2009) and think about it in relationship to Judaism…I guess doing this in Jerusalem where we do make connections with Holidays, … Continue reading

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Bad Times In Eurabia

guest4:  Did you know today is muslim-holiday, the use it as an excuse to terrorise the shoppingmalls in the part of Amsterdam where i live. guest4:  because I wear a kippa I have been insulted many times an threatend 3 … Continue reading

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Who Are These Weird Child-Abusing Breslaver Hasidim?

Maven writes on Failed Messiah: This group was a fringe militant group that ran afoul of the law and all common sense a few years ago when they tried to blow up the Mosque. They have no Orthodox or other … Continue reading

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