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The High Price Of Kosher Lettuce

The Jewish Journal has been working on this story for more than a year: The presence of even one whole bug, dead or alive, can render an entire vegetable treif — unkosher. On this matter, Orthodox rabbis are unequivocal. “From … Continue reading

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I Understand Suicide Bombers

I have no trouble understanding the suicide bomber. Hmm, maybe I am one, a suicide bomber of the soul? People who blow themselves up don’t do it out of hatred for their enemy so much as to achieve status within … Continue reading

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JJ’s Dikla Kadosh Lays Down The Smack

From The Calendar Girls: I hate to bash my own people, but I have been quite disconcerted by Israeli women in the media limelight recently. Bar Refaeli, who was the subject of several blog posts over the past few months, … Continue reading

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