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Is She The First Hot Female Rabbi?

And as Heshy Fried points out below, she plays for the other team! From FrumSatire: “I wanted to lead a halachically observant community so decided it was best to transfer to JTS where it would be far more likely I’d … Continue reading

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Heshy Fried Motzi Shabbos!

Heshy Fried, the author of the blog FrumSatire.net, is my guest on my live cam Saturday night. Here’s the video of the interview I did with Mr. Fried last year. Heshy introduced me to Rabbi Rabbs! Heshy uses the word … Continue reading

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She’s Off The Derech

I interviewed a cute girl this afternoon about why she left Orthodox Judaism. Nataly Mor writes an essay on Heshy Fried’s blog FrumSatire about why she left Orthodox Judaism: Living in Brooklyn, especially in Boro Park, and being off the … Continue reading

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Bizarre Profile Of FrumSatire

On Tabletmag.com, Hadara Graubert writes the strangest thing I’ve read online all week. Here’s an excerpt: "As someone who straddles the line between the Orthodox and secular worlds, Fried catches flak from all sides. The website Jewschool.com refuses to publish … Continue reading

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