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Obama Falls Flat In State Of The Union

President Obama’s inaugural address was a similar uninspiring mess. DailyCaller.com says: If President Barack Obama was aiming for a “this is our generation’s Sputnik moment,” he aimed too low according to Fox News Channel’s Charles Krauthammer. Immediately following Obama’s State … Continue reading

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Immigration News

From CIS.org: 1. Video: Steven Camarota Discusses Birthright Citizenship on FOX News 2. Op-ed: What’s Next for Arizona? 3. Op-ed: The G.O.P. and Birthright Citizenship 4. Blog: JPMorgan Sends U.S. Jobs to India, Gets H-1Bs and Millions from USCIS 5. … Continue reading

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Obama’s Other Jeremiah Wrights

Evan Gahr writes for Human Events: Jeremiah Wright is not the only supporter Barack Obama needs to explain. Although the media has finally exposed Barack Obama’s ties to the unhinged pastor his support from rappers who propagate equally pernicious nonsense … Continue reading

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