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Anthony Weiner Admits Lying

I’m watching Fox News. At 1 p.m., when Anthony Weiner was scheduled to speak, instead the man at the podium was Andrew Breitbart. Andrew is on a book tour. This has brought him to Manhattan. Andrew decided to show up … Continue reading

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Psychology Today: Why Are Black Women Less Attractive?

This article has been pulled from the Psychology Today website. I don’t think most guys find fatties attractive, whatever their race. Jeff emails: I occasionally see some fine sisters, but they seem never to be from New York, but from … Continue reading

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Should Dennis Prager Run For President?

Dennis says he’s already written 150,000 of his next book (the case for America). “And I write tersely.” The Chevy Volt has sold 928 cars and the Nissan Leaf 173. “More people have bought my entire Bible commentary series than … Continue reading

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Coalition Building

Joe emails: The new Jewish Journal is so out of touch it is actually devilishly funny. The cover is devoted to the AJC’s and other’s efforts to build bridges with the Latino community. No doubt the jewish community has not … Continue reading

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NPR Eats Crow

It looks like NPR has done the right thing about its Juan Williams firing debacle. The woman who fired him has left NPR and NPR’s CEO has been reprimanded. As the British say, “You can’t get fairer than that!” I … Continue reading

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