Anthony Weiner Admits Lying

I’m watching Fox News.

At 1 p.m., when Anthony Weiner was scheduled to speak, instead the man at the podium was Andrew Breitbart.

Andrew is on a book tour. This has brought him to Manhattan. Andrew decided to show up at the hotel in mid-town for the newsconference. The journalists asked him to go up front to the podium to speak.

At 1:25 p.m., Weiner came out to the podium and admitted he lied.

When I was discussing this case over the past ten days, I said that I believed that Anthony Weiner had sent the tweet of his crotch. He intended it as a private message but got one character wrong and sent it to all of his twitter followers.

Weiner says he has never had sex outside of his marriage to former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

Weiner says he’s not resigning. I don’t see how he can hold on. He’s a butt of jokes.

Huma Abedin only found out today from Anthony Weiner that he had sent that pic of his penis and mistakenly sent it to all of his Twitter followers.

Dylan Howard reports: “Rep. Anthony Weiner used an unflattering Jewish sexual stereotype during another Facebook sexting session with a middle-aged woman, and Star magazine are exclusively reporting in a joint newsgathering operation.”

ABC News reports: “On May 18, Broussard received an image from the RockOh77 account that shows a man’s erect penis. Two days later, she received a shot of a bare-chested man sitting at an office desk. The man in the photo shares facial features with Weiner, and personal photographs in the background resemble his known aquaintances.”

I think the biggest reason that Anthony Weiner is not immediately resigning is that he is left of center and secular. As such, he can not be a hypocrite for sexting with women not his wife because being left-wing and secular means you’re not accountable to any moral code.

A conservative and a religious person, by contrast, is responsible to a moral code and hence would be more likely to resign in this situation.

By engaging in this risky sexting, Anthony Weiner opened himself to blackmail.

This Fox News legal analyst Liz Wiehl says she’s not surprised he’s not resigning because he’s so arrogant.

The right-wing blogosphere, led by Andrew Breitbart’s websites and, nailed this story from the beginning. The MSM followed on only reluctantly, giving great credit to Anthony Weiner’s mendacious excuses. I can’t believe how the MSM treated him in the first few days of this story, bending over backward to portray his point of view and giving far greater skepticism, by contrast, to Andrew Breitbart.

I admit I love watching this humiliation of Anthony Weiner because he’s such a nasty guy. He says big lies about Republicans. He’s arrogant.

I find it gratifying to watch the fall of such a jerk.

Wolf Blitzer on CNN just said at 2:06 p.m. that Andrew Breitbart was vindicated.

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