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I’m Boycotting The Summer Olympics

I want to protest China’s treatment of Tibet and the situation in Darfur (that regime is propped up by the Chinese commies). You won’t see me at the opening ceremonies or any ceremony in China. I’m taking a moral stand. … Continue reading

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Aish.com Hacked Again

Much of Friday, Aish.com hung up a notice that it was undergoing routine maintenance. Today they told the truth: Aish.com has been maliciously attacked by a group from China. Our servers are undergoing extensive anti-hacking, filtering and monitoring upgrades. When … Continue reading

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A Jew Looks At Sex In Beijing

The New York Times blogs: Someone named Anna Sophie Loewenberg, a onetime editor at Beijing Scene, has managed to flounce her way into China and join its social ranks as a Mandarin-fluent, boy-crazy and only slightly alienated Beijinger. (She’s from … Continue reading

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