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Erin Brockovich and the Beverly Hills: Greenscam by Norma Zager

From Amazon.com: “This timely exposé reveals Erin Brockovich’s role in inciting public fear regarding the oil well at Beverly Hills High School. The author describes how Brockovich’s methods to link the oil well with cancer occurrences in former students were … Continue reading

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Suicidal Gay Teens

Joey Kurtzman and I talk on my live cam to the thousands of suicidal gay teens who tune in to my Torah Talks each week to find out if life is worth living. When he was just a little tyke … Continue reading

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Oil In Los Angeles

I always get this funny feeling when I see oil drilling around Los Angeles. It’s right in the heart of the bloody city and it seems incongruous. There’s a big operation on Pico Blvd and Cardiff and one right by … Continue reading

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The Orthodox Rabbis Of Los Angeles

Andy* emails me: Dear Luke: I have sent to you a thank you note over the years but I never told you why. I went through hell in LA when the rabbis there mainly of chabad but also agudah and … Continue reading

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Shalhevet ‘Finally Frum’

"Frum" is Jew-speak for religious. Shalhevet’s new head of school, Rabbi Elchanan Weinbach, is getting good reviews around the Orthodox community for bringing in religious discipline. Shalhevet’s sophomore class is down to just eleven students. Shalhevet needs at least 40 … Continue reading

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