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The Merry Fahad of Windsor: Verses 1-6

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Chain Of Command

I’ve watched the first five episodes of this National Geographic documentary series and it is amazing that the United States is so heavily invested in fighting something as subjective and amorphous as “violent extremism.” This is an arbitrary moral category. … Continue reading

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Haaretz: ‘White Man’s Burden’

None of these people who pushed for the 2003 Iraq invasion seem to have paid any price for their idiocy. A smaller percentage of American Jews thought the war was a good idea compared to the general population, but a … Continue reading

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White Man’s Burden

Comment: “Haaretz ran this interesting story back in 2003 about the genesis of the Iraq War. Suffice it to say no respectable journalist in the US could have run this without ruining their career.” Haaretz: The war in Iraq was … Continue reading

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Ben Shapiro 2005: Why war in Iraq is right for America

Ben Shapiro writes Aug. 10, 2005: Americans are impatient isolationists at heart. We don’t want to be the world’s policemen. Gaining Iraqis their freedom, as good as it sounds, isn’t enough of a justification for war. China is a dictatorship. … Continue reading

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