After Gay Marriage and Now Transgender Marines, What’s Next?

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* One of the two transgender Democrats named Misty to win primaries:

“Plowright beat single dad and Iraq vet Donald Martinez for her shot at Lamborn. Plowright is an Army vet with a wife, Lisa, and a third domestic partner named Sebastian, according to the candidate’s campaign website.”

A third domestic partner named Sebastian. I picture a small lesbian with slicked back hair and a pencil moustache drawn with an actual pencil.

* This Hispanic political tidal wave I’ve been hearing about for years just isn’t picking up much momentum. For example, this poor bastard Martinez can’t even beat a guy named Misty.

The Latinos are being left behind by all the New Improved Minorities that keep getting invented.

* No, they’re not even close to finished with the gay and trans stuff.

First, most states don’t even have anti-discrimination laws based on these characteristics. Courts will start mandating them if they can’t get a federal law soon.

Then there’s shutting down Christian schools by taking away their accreditation. Basically every Christian institution will have to change or be buried.

Tax exempt status could be in danger.

I’m amazed by how the new concept of “gay rights” is able to trample all over our centuries old concept of religious freedom with its long constitutional and historical legacy over a wide variety of contexts. But there’s still a lot more that they can do.

* Everyone’s laughing, but honestly I predict that so-called “polyamory” will be the next culture war waged by the elites, and it’s going to be ugly.

If the Cathedral is successful in promoting the practice, it will affect housing prices when polyamorous groups with multiple adults price out traditional families. Because in practice polyamory means lots of women flocking to a few jerkboy Alpha males, it will create a population of surplus males with no marriage or sexual prospects.

And it will affect average guys when cultural authority figures tell them that instead of getting violently angry, they should feel “compersion” when their wives and girlfriends talk about opening up the marriage.

The elites will find the limits of how far they can push folks, and I tell you it’s going to get bad.

* When a guy like Leo DiCaprio can load up his yacht with a few dozen women he has all to himself, that condemns a few dozen men to some lonely nights.

* I wonder if the Left isn’t keeping the Muzzies around purely because of their usefulness as a vector for normalizing sexual deviancy: Polyamory, bestiality, incest and kiddie sex all have much wider acceptance in the Muslim world. The loonier Leftists palpably desire all of these things in the West, yet they can’t really push for them directly.

Sure, they got gays and lesbians in the door by appealing to “compassion.” They *just barely* managed to do the same thing with trannies. But once you’re talking about doinking kids and goats and letting rich men run harems, it’s pretty difficult to hide the ulterior motives. “Oppressed” illiterate third world peasants are a perfect stalking horse.

* Joseph Smith was, I think, exactly what Revilo Oliver said he was: a small time grifter who struck into the Long Con like the proverbial mosquito hitting an artery in Gary Larson’s “Far Side” cartoon.

He had the good luck, from the historical point of view, to be killed off at just the right time.

Brigham Young, however, was a much more formidable figure. If Saddam Hussein had had twenty more IQ points and a little better education, he would have been much like Young.

Young was a nation-builder. He failed in establishing a sovereign nation, but he did build a nation within a nation. I’ve always thought it was unfortunate he didn’t get somehow to (what was in better days known as ) Rhodesia, a more verdant land than Utah, and equally empty in the 1830s. He and his Mormons could have attracted, perhaps, many English, German, and Scandinavian peoples as well as perhaps siphoned off some of the better Boer stock, and by the supefecundity Mormons were famous for until recent times, packed it full of White farmers and workers. There were very few if any blacks in Rhodesia then, and the Mormons would have been neither as needful of importing black hired help nor as inclined to do so as the English were. Deseret-on-the-Zambezi would have been magnificent, probably rivalling Switzerland by now as a wealthy, productive White country.

Even as it is, the Mormon Nation is pretty remarkable. It is many orders of magnitude more successful than Scientology. Whereas Scientology has nothing of real institutional value besides a few somewhat impressive buildings and the loyalty of a few movie stars: Mormonism has a thoroughly respectable university, dozens of legitimate scientists, and thousands, even tens of thousands of members thoroughly embedded in the structure of the United States government, at levels Israel can only fantasize about. All branches of the US military, including US Navy submariners, SEALs and aviators: the FBI (most famously) and NSA, CIA, DEA, every other law enforcement agency: the US House and Senate, and the legislatures of most states-the list is enormous. Mormons also hold high government positions in many other countries.

Scientology has produced no serious institutions of learning nor any contribution to any science, art or technology whatever acknowledged by anyone but Scientologists. It has no scientists, no doctors, no military leaders (unless you count the farcical Sea Organization as a military entity). For all its bank accounts, nothing. It has lawyers, true, but then so does the mob and every major motorcycle club of the one percenter variety.

* Some part of what is driving the WWT must be internet porn and the search for ever more forbidden fruit that will yield a better orgasm… for a while.

I am honestly not sure how the various free porn search/libraries out there make money, but they must surely. Pornhub allows the combination of 2 categories. That is a feature not properly explored yet, though the limitation to two categories is insufficient.

xnxx allows delving into all sorts of perversions. It seems like there is an explosion in the production of incest videos. So maybe that will be one of the next things in line for decriminalization or rights or something.

Much like CGI has enabled the production of superhero movies, CGI has also enabled porn production that was hitherto difficult or impossible. That used to be what words were for, so that the imagination could fill in the blanks. Now there is CGI for that.

This can probably coexist with the anti-immigration/brexit/anti-globalism and protectionism we are seeing now. Who knows what the shitlords are whacking off to.

* How about not_normally_sexed people like ex-Homeland Security’s Janet Napolitano (she of the open borders) who inflict their neuroses and inner turmoil onto the American people. Normal Americans with children and families. The Obama administration is full of such people. Trannys now have full approval to be “out and about” in our military. They function as Obama’s shock troops to demoralize our service men and women. To turn our military into a joke.
The lefties have a wide assortment of rabid representatives of minorities they inflict on us to demoralize us. They put them into Federal jobs, or their NGOs get Federally funded, where they can do their damage and get paid for it. We are taxed for our ruination.

* We can basically predict the future on this.

1) The next frontier will be the legal and cultural normalization of polygamy.

2) As people have already pointed out, it will lead to a few men monopolizing more women and therefore more incels and lower quality women for all men below the billionaire and celebrity class

3) Part of the propaganda will be based on the ‘freedom of religion’ of Muslims and our ‘tolerance for difference’

4) ‘Feminists’ will be as absent in the fight against polygamy as they are in the fight against female genital mutilation or burkas. Because
a) nothing that brown or black people do can be criticized and
b) Feminists will take the position that if some ditz wants to be the eighth wife of an NBA baller rather than the first wife of an accountant, more power to her

5) The cultural push will involve the promotion of a few very telegenic and all-American seeming polyamorous families in TV reality shows. As I have said before, they will find an MFF threesome where they are all fire fighters or something else unimpeachable. We will be shown scenes of their romantic Valentines Day with twice the gifts (“twice the love!”). Everything will be extremely wholesome and the message will be that this is not about the guy busting a massive nutt, no it is about love. How can you deny these people their love? (and double the survivor benefits when one of them dies fighting fires).

* Here’s a prediction: before long, the media will start coming down HARD on straight men who won’t date trans women.

One of these days, or some similar service will fix up a straight male with a Deirdre McCloskey or a Caitlyn Jenner. He’ll complain publicly, “Damn it, I asked for women, and you set me up with a dude!”

And the poor guy will be vilified all over the world. He’ll be hounded and cursed, called a hater and a bigot, merely because he prefers girls without a penis. He’ll be told, “She IS a woman, you creep, and you’d BETTER sleep with her, if you know what’s good for you.”

Most heterosexuals think this is all about “live and let live.” It’s not. Males who won’t date transvestites will soon find themselves under attack.

* As for syphilis, yes, it is making a comeback, mostly in the gay community, because of barebacking. However, every time something like this happens, instead of demanding some accountability among those who engage in unprotected anal and oral sex with multiple partners, the MSM not only does not identify the culprits but blames it on a lack of federal funding for clinics, and so on. In other words, no one is held accountable for getting these diseases, or transmitting these diseases, it’s all up to the government to find ways to treat them. So as usual it all goes back to the idea of rich white guys with mattesses full of money.

The same thing pertains to ending the ban on gay blood donations. That too is supposed to be a “marginalization”, never mind that gays are an at risk population for all sorts of diseases, including Hepatitis, HIV, syphilis. I guess marginalizing at risk populations is wrong, they should be fully embraced. (Note that this doesn’t extend to superstitious parents who refuse to get their children immunized.)

* Canada has already approved “non-penetrative” bestiality.

* What is “non-penetrative” bestiality? Does that mean you get to milk your cow? That your horse gets to lick your carrot? That you get to belly rub your pets? This is getting pretty silly.

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