Non-racist Red Cross Pool Safety Poster Released


Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Black kids and pools don’t mix.

In the gyms I’ve been in that have pools, every time some black mama lets her brood into the pool by themselves, they cause nothing but problems and the staff has to eject them. I’ve read of cases where a bus load of them would show up at some motel pool and just raise so much hell the whole horde had to be asked to leave.

The thing about black kids is they don’t behave like white, let alone Asian kids. They have zero impulse control, are hyper kinetic and don’t give a shit if they interfere with adults in the pool. All of this ads up to trouble.

And the ones that have hit puberty, they start talking like a pimp whose looking for his ho’s and run around like a monkey on meth in the pool area. They are a nightmare to monitor.

The adult males just get worse, especially if there is a group of them who come in. Few things worry me, but a pack of linebacker sized blacks radiating bad vibes like a loud radio is one of them. Usually they aren’t gym regulars but come in on a guest or weekend pass.

And oh you can tell the regular patrons hate them.

* I used to administer my college’s swim test for incoming freshman. It was astounding to see how consistently blacks failed the swim test. I thought it was a myth. But, without fail, I would watch the most gifted of black athletes sputter around in the water like toddlers.

* I’ve always had the impression that Jews have done pretty well as competitive swimmers (Mark Spitz, etc). Perhaps a side-effect of living in places like California and Florida? Or maybe country clubs with good swimming facilities? Both?

* Yeah, that’s the funny thing about endless Jewish complaints about country club discrimination: in reality, Jews have done well in one country club sport, swimming, okay in another, tennis, and not so hot in a third, golf. The disparity is probably just small sample issue.

* I took swimming lessons conducted by the Red Cross at our local high school in the evenings. A number of adults from the community were learning to swim as well, and one of them was a black guy, superbly fit and muscular with no visible flab. In the first ‘dead float’ exercises, he’d sink like a stone. The rate of descent was marked.

Much of the instructor’s attention to him went towards teaching him not to panic, and to loosen up. To the guy’s credit he was a trooper and completed the course, but he had to constantly work at staying afloat.

* Trump just took questions from a crowd today in NH.

Woman says that the TSA should fire Muslim women (“hee-bee-jabees”) and replace them with veterans..

Trump says he’s “looking at that.”

* Something strange just occurred on my public Facebook feed. I post sometimes on USA Today. Total up to date maybe 50x. I’m certainly not anti-semitic, in fact, on balance pro-semitic. Really.
I made 2 posts on USA Today that pointed out that Donald Sterling was a Jew during that Clippers insurrection. Otherwise, I’ve posted nothing about Jews. Strangely, about 7 of 50 my USA Today’s postings appeared on the feed. The ones not about Jews, Sterling, whatever, only showed the text. While the ones on Sterling had a picture of Sterling with my text. It made those particular posts stand out in my feed. Out of context, and out of my overall posting history, this made me look like a rabid anti-semite.

Very odd. Don’t know what happened. But Facebook, you’ve got my attention.

* I am kind of curious however, what secular organizations have formally discriminated against Jews after around 1950. I think the really big decline happened around 1950 to 1955. The founding of the state of Israel was immediately very popular among Christian Americans, and the prestige and visibility of Jews in the mass media quickly grew.

In San Diego, a realtors’ conspiracy kept Jews out of most of La Jolla until around 1964, when the city fathers were warned that if the practice did not end, UCSD would not be located there as planned. The city fathers duly instructed their local realtors to stop, and La Jolla quickly became the most Jewish part of San Diego due to a location there of the University.

* I’ve marveled at the current tendency of the grievance peddlers to good full-spectrum denunciation at the slightest thing they don’t like. The problem, from their point of view, is that this habit collapses the intellectual and rhetorical space between obviously different points on a spectrum, sometimes making the reverse point from what they seem to have intended. It’s boy-who-cried-wolfery.

A few months back, I saw the left-o-sphere all a twitter about the Danes imposing a largely symbolic asset test before handing out welfare benefits to “refugees” from the Middle East. A couple of weeks later I read thata the Australian supreme court upheld that country’s policy of confining asylum seekers to a prison camp on the remote island of Nauru, and settling the successful ones in Cambodia. The open-borders fanatics decried that too. Now, even if you agree that Australia’s policy is the correct one, on balance, you’d still probably concede that it is “harsher” on the asylum-seekers than Danish policy. But the left wing had expended all their rhetorical ammo on the Danes, and there were no words left to explain how much worse they must have thought the Australian policy was. Which puts them in an awkward situation — if you read their breathless account of the Danish policy and thought “actually, that isn’t so bad,” would you now read their outraged headlines about Australia, figure it amounts to the same thing, and not even bother considering whether you, perhaps a bit of a bleeding heart, would put the line of acceptable policy somewhere between the Danes and the Australians?

Same thing here: When David Duke, Steve Sailor and Donald Trump are all Racists, and the freakin’ Red Cross is Super Racist, the smear kind of loses all meaning.

* In the early 80s I rescued a kid – about 10 years old – in trouble and starting to drown off a beach in Cornwall in the UK. He was on a school trip and had separated from a bunch of other kids by 50 metres or so. He had gotten out of his depth in the swell off the beach. The kid was black. I happened to be nearby and am trained life saver and saw he was in trouble, even though he was unable to shout for help. Blacks generally don’t swim well.

Indeed in South Africa, one of the euphemisms used for blacks is ‘non swimmer’.

At my son’s selective entry boys school in Pretoria – which was about 20% talented tenth black – the lack of black representation in the water polo and swim teams was glaring.

* This drunken woman, who fell off a boat into Chesapeake Bay a couple of days ago, survived. The glowing Washington Post story makes it out to be an inspirational story of a CrossFit superhuman with true grit, but she was just lucky.

* In this Coastie household, you’d be smacked down but good for claiming someone is “lucky” to survive a drowning-headed incident she created.

Four NRP boats, a Maryland State Police helicopter, Aberdeen Proving Ground Police and the Susquehanna Hose Company of Havre De Grace, among others, participated in the search for Conner.

Beck estimated that around 75 rescue personnel were involved from organizations in Cecil, Kent and Harford counties. This included 15 to 20 individuals on the water supported by vehicles and personnel on land.

One drunken idiot, no PFD, and a drunken boyfriend doing about 40 mph on their boat. Summer on the Eastern Shore.

* The poster failed to depict black boys swimming up behind white girls and putting their hands between their legs. That was the problem our public pool facility had when black boys showed up on occasion.

It was the first few years in integration, so the worst that resulted from many incidents was the boys were just told to leave, rather than being arrested for sexual assault on a minor.

At my newly integrated school, I recall our new black students getting away with all kinds of petty crime, as well as felonies, since our white administrators had little experience with black kids, and didn’t want to appear to be keeping black kids down, and were worried about escalating an issue that would go away if they ignored it.

I don’t see that much has changed, and instead of rewriting a poster to conform with lies, black kids should probably get their own poster, in their own dialect, instructing them how to behave.

Example: No “twerking” in another girls face.

Imagine these ladies at a public pool! Would that poster really apply to their sensibilities?

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