Lonely Hasidic Men

Where will they find solace? Will the Torah be enough?

The New York Times reports:

In July and August, many families there head for bungalow colonies in the Catskills, leaving behind men who work all week and reunite with their wives and children on the weekends. They call themselves summertime bachelors.

Weekday nights can be lonely for these men, who are used to returning home from work to a lively family dinner. But consolation can be found at a handful of informal supper clubs that have cropped up in Borough Park.

“The men here, their families remain upstate, so they’re looking for some good, reasonably priced food, and for some company,” said Rabbi Shlomo Weiss, who broke bread one recent weeknight with perhaps a dozen other men in the basement of a large building on 53rd Street near 13th Avenue that is usually used for religious education. It has been running a summer dining program for roughly 25 years, and on a typical busy night feeds 200 people over the course of several hours.

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