Woman’s Number Of Sex Partners Best Predictor Of Divorce

Alpha Game: The chance of finding yourself divorced after five years is presently 560 percent greater if you marry a woman with 10+ partners than if you marry a virgin. Of course, there are one-quarter as many virgins marrying as there were in the 1970s, so it is a considerably more difficult challenge to find one.

The interesting thing about this study is the way that it shows how the second-greatest risk is marrying a woman with only 2 partners; the researcher’s theory is that this might be the result of over-emphasized comparisons; the woman has just enough experience to realize that there is something else out there, but not enough to realize that most of it isn’t an improvement.

In any event, it is important to recognize that despite one might assume, a woman’s premarital sexual experience is actually more of a risk factor with regards to divorce than it was in previous decades.



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