Jewish Feminists: #Shoutyourabortion

The Forward tweets: “Have you had an abortion? We want to hear from you. #ShoutYourAbortion”

Forward: Last week, our own Larry Cohler-Esses shared his story of helping a close friend obtain an abortion in 1969, when it was still illegal and dangerous to do so. When Larry interviewed his friend decades later, she told him that “the experience for me was just an experience…I don’t believe it was life altering. I don’t believe it either guided my path or determined my path.”
Some women are sure of their choice.
In an amicus brief submitted to the Supreme Court by 26 women in connection with Whole Woman Health v. Hellerstedt, one of the signatories, Debra Hauser, explained that “In 1995, at age 35, I found myself alone, pregnant and caring for my six-month-old son. My husband had gone to work one day and did not return …. To this day, I am certain that choosing an abortion was the most responsible, moral, and loving action that I could have taken — for me and for my son.”
Others find themselves filled with regret.
In brief submitted by an anti-abortion rights group and “3,348 Women Injured By Abortion,” Mindy Atkinson wrote,“My life was a disaster. I self-medicated to hide the pain. I hated myself and wanted to die for three years afterward. It was awful!”
As the Supreme Court continues to deliberate, we want to hear from you.
Please send us, in 300-600 words, your abortion story. How did the procedure impact you? What went into making this decision? Where are you now? We are most eager to hear women’s stories, though we will also consider stories submitted by men. Your submission may remain anonymous if you choose.

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