Saying Goodbye

I said goodbye to a great girl the other day. We won’t be seeing each other anymore.

She said how much she enjoyed our time together. That she always looked forward to seeing me. That she would always remember me. That I was challenging and always pushing her boundaries but in the final analysis, I knew when to stop pushing. That she felt she could connect to the part of me that was vulnerable and open.

People have been saying the same things to me since I was a kid. Many of my teachers said I was the most challenging kid they ever had. Shouldn’t I change? Shouldn’t I grow up? Why am I emotionally four years old?

Jane emails: I am not crazy about this wild beard look. I was shocked when i saw you. I figured it’s a stage you are going through.
You are such a good looking guy. why cover it all up? This is the time to
use it before its all gone.
Could part of it be the need to look like you detractors? Stop trying to win
them over. It will NEVER happen. They hate your talent, your guts and
most of all your honesty. Tell them to drop dead and keep on your journey.
They are like dogs they can sense your fear and then go straight to the
jugular. Dear Luke they don’t own you. I hate to tell them but they don’t
own Judaism.

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