How To Defend Yourself Online

Vox Day blogs: The New Femininity writes an essay on How to Defend Yourself From the SJW Mob:

Never assume anyone is going to be fair to you

No one is going to be fair to you and no one is going to sympathize with you. No one is going to give you the benefit of the doubt and no one is going to defend you because their default thought process is that you shouldn’t have touched the flaming hot stove if you didn’t expect to get burned.

My own husband didn’t have a lick of sympathy for me. He told me I was completely on my own. In fact, the only time he showed me any sort of empathy was months after when I told him I pressed full charges on my stalker against her professional license. He knew she went too far, and he fully supported my decision.

Bottom line is, people are not going to be partial to your sense of political justice in saying controversial things on the internet–because they themselves don’t want the trouble or expense of caring about something they believe you brought squarely upon yourself. It isn’t right and it isn’t wrong–it just is. People have jobs, their own lives, and their own multitude of problems. Don’t expect them to be fair, supportive or understanding in your willful decision to engage in your own personal crusade of online martyrdom–it’s your problem and they are under no obligation or duty to make it theirs.

On the flip side, when you find that rare individual who is willing to stand with you, who is willing to damn the torpedoes and defend you, you’d better appreciate what a gift you’ve been given.

That’s why so many people fear the VFM and the Dread Ilk. They know none of their tactics are going to work. They see the mutual loyalty that is the chief characteristic of the relationship and it scares them to death because they don’t know anything like it.

That’s also why it is useless to attempt to separate me from my social media allies. I’m not blind to their various idiosyncracies, (nor, to be fair, are they blind to mine) I simply don’t care because I know that I can count on them. Every single one of them has, at one point or another, put himself in the line of fire on my behalf when he did not have to do so.

This may be one more thing that separates the #AltRight from the movement conservatives. They are constantly jockeying for position and status and air time. We are far more concerned with mutual defense against the media and SJW mobs, and we genuinely celebrate each others’ scalps and successes. Take on one of us, and you can be pretty sure that at the very least, the others will at least fire a symbolic round or two in your direction.

How do you develop strong alliances? Mike Cernovich has already answered that. Look for those who need help and deserve it. Help them. Then repeat.


* How ironic that it was Charles (LGF) Johnson who uncovered the Dan Rather hoax. Johnson started out as an ally. He went full SJW within a year or so. I used to be on that site every day until I ended up like hundreds of others who got banned on LGF. Hard to believe that was over ten years back.

* The dearth of purity tests and purges on the alt-right is a huge selling point. I’ve yet to see an attack by a righty tbat wasn’t actually a *counter*-attack. Other than that it’s all a lot of, “Yeah those guys have some odd ideas about sex/whitey/handgun-choice, but they’re good on the important stuff. Great to have them aboard.”

Contrast with a decade’s experience. With the libertarians spending more time analyzing which Scotsman are True and its no wonder the altright has done more to change the conversation in a year than the libertarians in a decade.

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