LimmudLA Is A Beautiful Woman

I’ve got a date with her Sunday!

This will be the sixth time we’ve gotten together.

The first few times she was real shy. I like that. It means she’s classy. She don’t give herself up to just anybody. She has standards. Yet, she likes me. I really think she likes me. She’s kinda shy and reserved. She’s religious. She’s observant. But she’s not all stuck up and thinking she’s better than everyone else. She talks to everyone. She even talks to me.

She has lots of friends and they’re all nice. They make me feel real welcome. I can’t wait to talk to them. And there’ll be eats and drinks and ice cream and sing song.

She’s tall and slender and dark and mysterious. But on Sunday she’ll be mine!

Khunrum emails: "Luke we weren’t aware you could sing. What type of warbling do you and your Yiddisha buddies do…songs of devotion? show tunes? rock n’ rolla?…why not bring your "camera of death" to the next get together and post the festivities on your site? It would be a huge improvement from the usual cut n’ paste Dennis Prager blah! blah! blah!"

Bob emails:
I’m imagining a Debbie Gibson medley followed by Air Supply’s two greatest hits and in keeping with his unruly beard “If I Was a Rich Man” from Zorba the Greek.

Get down one time with your bad self, Luke!

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