Dennis Prager Turns 61

Dennis had his birthday Sunday, August 2.

For a birthday present, he asks listeners each year to email him with the details on how he has touched their lives.

I’d do that too on my birthday but fear it would arouse otherwise suppressed memories. Some sleeping dogs are best left sleeping.

On his show today, Prager said that his doctor, Michael Richmond, who voted for Barack Obama now regrets his vote. The doctor fears Obama’s healthcare plan.

Dennis: When you stop having to take care of your family and your community and the state takes care of you, educates you, hospitalizes you, completely takes care of you, you become a more selfish human being. How could you not? The very mentality of the government will take care of them and you… Do you think entitlement makes better people or worse people? You don’t have to earn it. It’s a right. All I have to do in life is breathe. Do you have a right to housing? Why doesn’t the government provide you housing? It is more important that you have housing than health insurance.

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