Pacific Union College wins ‘most beautiful’

This is where I grew up and this is a place I love.

I know this will sound crass, but Seventh-Day Adventist girls are hot.

Seventh-Day Adventism is a feminine religion. Women account for about two-thirds of the church. The atmosphere is about healing and nurturing. The leading figure in church history was a woman — Ellen G. White.

From the Napa Valley Register:

Pacific Union College in Angwin won a national honor of a most curious sort over the weekend.

Newsweek and The Daily Beast ranked PUC as the “most beautiful college” in the nation, topping such other West Coast schools as Santa Clara University (No. 2), Chapman University (No. 3), UC Santa Barbara (No. 8) and the University of Southern California (No. 12).

The ranking reflected survey data on the attractiveness of students, the campus, the number of sunny days per year, and the area’s comfort index, which measures humidity and afternoon temperatures.

The male students at PUC scored 9.2 out of 10 for “male attractiveness,” while females got a rating of 9.1. The source of these measures of physical beauty: the College Prowler website.

Online comments questioned many of the “most beautiful” results. “What does education have to do with attractiveness???” said one. Another questioned how non-existent male students were rated at the all-female Scripps College.

PUC is a Seventh-day Adventist Christian liberal arts college located in the green hills east of St. Helena.

PUC President Heather J. Knight accepted the honor, saying, “In many ways, this is recognition for our collective goal to make the campus sparkle — and our landscape and facilities management teams in particular.”

Knight has led a campaign in recent years to enhance many areas of campus and emphasize its natural beauty.


* There is a charm and a beauty about the whole area known as Angwin. The students tend toward being friendly and polite. The people are helpful, friendly and community-oriented. Much of the land is untouched and revered by all who walk the trails around this town.

Obviously, we all want this to remain just as it is and while we cannot have it all, we must struggle to preserve land would be over-developed and a community that would shatter. I will vote for Measure ‘U’ because I truly respect what has been created in Angwin.

Allow me to put this whole argument into context through the words of Theodore Roszak (Professor of History at CSU, Hayward; social thinker, writer and critic). “Suddenly it becomes a subversion of progress to assert the common sense principle that communities exist for the health of those who live in them, not for the convenience of those who exploit their real estate for profit.”

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