When Dennis Met Larry

Dennis Prager met Larry Elder in 1990. Dennis had Larry on as a guest during a week Prager co-hosted an early morning TV talkshow in Cleveland. Larry, an attorney, came on to talk about sexual harassment in the workplace.

From the Dennis Prager radio show, July 30, 2009:

Dennis: "I’ve never pushed like I pushed to get Larry on radio. He was a lawyer who did a periodic guest appearance on a Cleveland TV show."

"Wasn’t my co-host cute?"

Larry: "She was very attractive."

Dennis: "I only remember three things [from that week’s shows]. The dogs, the co-host was cute, and Larry Elder."

"I learned many years ago that I should not make quick first-impressions because I’ve often found that they were either too negative or too positive. On rare occasions, I’ve gone with the first impression. I thought this guy was terrific.

"I went back to Los Angeles and I told the [KABC] station manager, George Green, ‘I found this great guy, who happens to be black and is awesome and he comes from LA… Nothing happened."

Larry: "I sent you a tape."

Dennis: "I invited him on the show. I said, George, you have to listen. It was one of the great hours of radio. Among the things you talked about was your lack of great adulation for black leadership in America [such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton].

"A black guy called up who liked me but couldn’t stand you. The guy said to me, Dennis, where the hell did you find this guy?

"And you immediately answered:"

Larry: "Dennis was driving down the street. He saw me at the corner of Florence and Dinker holding up a sign, ‘Will speak negatively about black leaders for food.’"

Dennis: "I laughed so hard and so uncontrollably that we had to go to a break. I’ve never lost control. That was the one time. I knew I was going to buy George forever until you got a show."

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