Do Blacks Commit More Violent Crimes?

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager said that asking if blacks were arrested and imprisoned at higher rates than other races was the wrong question. The right question is: Do blacks commit proportionately more violent crimes? And the answer yes. it’s not a race problem. It’s a values problem in parts of the black community.

Dennis is horrified by the murder by a black man of a 17yo white girl (Lily Burk) in LA.

Dennis repeated his support for the three strikes (felonies) and you’re out law.

A friend of mine who works for the government says: "You can’t talk about race with black people. How can I ask the black people I work with, ‘How come you don’t have to do as much work as I do?’"

The NJG: Do blacks commit more crimes?

The NJG: Well this wasn’t a crime, per se, it happened at a local Sonoma County grocery store called Oliver’s Market. A high end market that carries health food, local meats and produce

The NJG: A black woman was in there with her child and stuck her hands on all the produce she could get and was eating it and giving it to her 10 year old daughter as well. She went by the blueberries, stuck her hand on it and grabbed blueberries, put it into her mouth, then did it again, and gave it to her daughter. She went by the strawberries, cherries, and even a few of the larger fruits and did the same thing each time.

The NJG: I was appalled and sickened by this woman, and no one said anything to her – maybe they were afraid of being called racists – but it was extremely gross to watch this woman put her hands in her mouth then reach for another bunch of fruit. Especially now with swine flu going around.

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